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‘Younger Now’ by Miley Cyrus Brings Poignant and Reflective Record to Listeners this Fall

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After two years since her last release, singer Miley Cyrus dropped her sixth studio album “Younger Now” this past Friday.

Cyrus debuted a much softer side to her than the public is used to seeing with her first single, “Malibu” and followed the summer hit with the second single that she named the album after, “Younger Now,” an upbeat anthem about change and metaphorically feeling younger than she ever has before.

Other than the three songs co-written with producer Oren Yoel and one co-written with her godmother and country music legend Dolly Parton, Cyrus wrote seven out of the 11 tracks on the record entirely on her own.

“Writing the lyrics for me solo on this record was important because I’m really trying to project what I think and feel, and I don’t think that anyone can know that besides me,” Cyrus said in an interview with the Recording Academy. “Lyrics are very sacred to me, and also to my fans. I want them to understand that this record is really all the truth, from me.”

Perhaps the strongest of her lyrics come forth in the slower, more emotional songs on the album that give her country roots a modern twist, the acoustic heavy fifth track “Miss You So Much” among them. Here, she sings, “You can take my blood, take my bones / My heart is yours, I volunteer / But how can I miss you so much when you’re right here?” Her song, “I Would Die for You,” follows it with mellow yet heart-wrenching lead guitar chords where Cyrus declares to someone how far her love for them goes. “I am yours, and you are mine / I have your heart, I don’t even need a ring / I’d give up all I have in exchange for who I love more than anything.”

Despite her sensitive lyrics, the happy-go-lucky and carefree sound she possessed with her first two singles did not end there, and in fact, it extended to songs like “Week Without You” and “Rainbowland” featuring Dolly Parton, where she and Parton dream of a world that exudes positivity, acceptance, and love.

Cyrus has been considerably more vocal in the recent years about this fight for what she calls a “Rainbowland,” especially with the 2014 founding of her charity The Happy Hippie Foundation, a non-profit organization with emphasis on helping homeless youth and the LGBTQ community. More recently, she made a speech at the iHeartRadio Music Festival before performing her hit song “Party in the U.S.A.” about not giving up in the fight for justice for all.

The relatively peaceful nature of the new Miley Cyrus record may cause one to think the singer has lost her signature edge, however she has made sure not to let that side of her fade away. Tracks like “Thinkin’” and “Love Someone” bring the spice and attitude to the album with her catchy, raspy tone and impressive vocals over thumping bass.

She sings in the latter, “I’m starting to think you have no heart / You don’t even have a soul / You always give in or you try too late / All I do is give and all you do is take / I’m tired of protecting you from what you need to know.”

With profound and moving lyrics, the album “Younger Now” is an eclectic mix of pop, country, and even some rock n’ roll influences that are sure to please the ear and touch the heart of any listener.

In an interview with BBC Radio 1, Cyrus proclaimed her new music to be “a new way of thinking” for herself.

“I just want people to love the music,” she said. “I’m really proud of it. I’m happy.”

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