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You are what U Eat

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By Janie Frank

Associate News Editor

[email protected]

Feb 24, 2015

  U Eat, a smartphone application designed to help students find out what the dining halls on their campuses are serving for meals, released its first Android version last month.

   Spencer Fontein, a student at Union College, is the creator of the app.

   “I came up with the idea one day, when I was with my friends trying to decide what dining hall to go for dinner,” Fontein said. “We said, ‘Wouldn’t be great if we knew what was for dinner at each place?’”

   It was then that Fontein realized there should be an app for that.

A screenshot of the app. Photo courtesy of www.1mobile.com
A screenshot of the app. Photo courtesy of www.1mobile.com

Because so many college campuses have multiple dining halls that serve different food, it can often be difficult to decide which dining hall to go to. U Eat helps keep students more informed about what food they can eat and where they should go to eat it.

   “The general purpose of this application is to help college and university students have a better dining experience at their school,” he said.

   Information regarding the menus of each dining hall is posted on the app.

   “Currently, at some schools, it provides information about local restaurants and provides students with discounts, and I am currently working on expanding this to other schools,” Fontein said.

   “The off-campus discounts is already working for Union College and will be working at more universities soon.”

   He is also working on being able to post the nutritional facts for items being served on campus.

   The app has been available for Apple products since March 10, 2014 but has only been available for Android users as of Jan. 10 of this year,  according to Fontein.

   He currently has nearly 1,750 users.

The UAlbany application, available on both Apple and Android interfaces, offers dining hall selections as well. However, U Eat works slightly differently.

   “On the UAlbany app, when you go to the dining page you cannot go back once you have selected a dining hall unless you close the app,” Fontein said.

   U Eat allows you to view all the dining halls’ options without having to close the app.

   “On U Eat you can also favorite items and then receive a push notification when that item is being served,” he said.

   You can download U Eat by searching for it on the Google Play store or the App Store on iTunes.

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