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Women Won With New York Abortion Law

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A few weeks ago, New York State passed the Reproductive Health Act. This added the right to an abortion in the New York State constitution, just in case Roe v. Wade is ever overturned. This Reproductive Health Act guarantees the right to an abortion before the fetus is at 24 weeks, and in cases after 24 weeks when the fetus is no longer viable or the mother’s life is at risk. This is a step in the right direction for New York, and a great win for women all over the state.

The right to an abortion is an extremely important right that every woman should have.  Luckily, New York has recognized this right. So many women have struggled with children they can’t afford, or can’t care for. So many women have been raped and impregnated. In this state, these women are cared for. No matter what, a woman should have complete control over her body.

There are so many scenarios that could illustrate how a woman could use her right to choose. I won’t go into detail, but what everyone needs to understand is that ultimately, it is a woman’s choice what she wants to do with her body. No man, woman, or family member should make a woman feel any less than human for wanting to do what is best for her. A decision like this is obviously a very hard one for most people, and it doesn’t make them any less of a caring person. It doesn’t make a woman a monster. This choice makes a woman secure and comfortable in her own body, and that’s something I believe everyone should feel.

Do not only think of the women with this act, think of a broader picture. Imagine the children left behind by their families. Think of all the children who are left in foster care, orphanages, or simply left to die. Think of children who aren’t given a fair chance because they were born to a family who doesn’t care for them or love them. There are so many children who can’t live a normal life because of poverty. Unless a pro-life protester is willing to adopt multiple children, or become a foster parent, there is no room to try and argue. So many children are born into families that do not want them, families that beat their children or exploit them. This is an awful thing to do, and an extreme example.

This topic is not something that anyone wants to talk about, but so many people want to comment on. I believe those who see this act as horrendous do not understand what this act is about. This is something that allows women a choice. This allows women comfort and security. This is not an act that allows “women to kill babies.” This is an act that has created a safety net that we desperately needed. And, this is an act where a woman can make a hard decision for her own safety, or if the fetus is no longer viable.

So far, abortion is something that has been debated for years and years. I believe this is a great achievement for New York State, especially in a time when so many people are trying to limit the rights of women. Not only is this a win, it is a great example of what a State should do, and what the federal government should enforce

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