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Winters in Albany dorms can be brutal if you’re not properly prepared! Stay warm this winter and keep your money in your pocket. Here are a few tips!

First, always wear socks! According to a 2015 BuzzFeed article by Alison Coporimo entitled, “16 Ways to Keep your Feet Toasty According to Lumberjacks,” wool socks in particular can keep the heat of your body from leaving through your feet. Coporimo warns us to try to avoid cotton socks because they tend to absorb sweat from your feet and get cold quickly. Wool socks pull water vapor away from the skin before it has a chance to become sweat, leaving your feet and toes dry and toasty warm! Similarly, wearing scarves as often as possible can also keep you warm as well. They too can prevent heat from leaving your body and making you cold.

Secondly, Coporimo warns us to try to avoid caffeine! That may seem like an impossible idea to commit to with the stress of school swirling above our heads, but when it comes to keeping warm, lumberjacks know best! Taking in a lot of caffeinated substances like coffee, tea, or even nicotine can constrict your blood vessels restricting blood flow throughout your body. This means cold hands and feet! By choosing to avoid these kind of beverages, your hands and feet will stay warmer, you’ll have better blood flow, and you’ll have some extra cash in pocket! (Which could possibly be used to make a pair of rice socks, the next tip on our list!)

Thirdly, something my mom did when I still lived at home was to make homemade heating packs for my bed. It sounds complicated, but they’re very easy to make and very inexpensive! It is as easy as finding an old pair of socks and then purchasing a bag of rice the next time you are at the grocery store. Whenever the winter cold makes your dorm frigidly uncomfortable, grab your old pair of socks, fill them with rice, tie off the top, and stick them in the microwave for a few 1-2 minutes. The rice will absorb the heat and make for a little heating pack that can be place in your bed to keep your feet warm! In addition, they can be used to keep your hands or shoulders or any cold part of your body warm while you sleep or even while you sit and do homework or watch TV. What I like to do is, heat my rice socks, put them in my bed, and then shower and get ready for bed. That way, by the time I crawl into my bed, it is already snug and warm for me and I can fall right to sleep!

Hopefully these tips will come into use for all students this and every semester! It can be hard to stay warm in Albany’s winter wonderland but it can be done! It just takes a little rice and some wool.

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