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Why You Should Consider Andrew Yang in 2020

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Considering the chaos that has transpired during the course of Donald Trump’s presidency, the upcoming 2020 Presidential election brings with it intense anxiety and urgency. This is not to say that any presidential election is unimportant, but this election is critical in mending the social and political divide that has escalated during President Trump’s term. 

There is newfound motivation among younger people to participate in politics, partly inspired by more millennials entering politics and the recent mass shootings which have shown young people the devastating effects of broken gun control policy. Luckily there are many candidates who are bringing new and unique perspectives on current issues to the table.

A stance held by many for the upcoming presidential election is to vote against President Trump who will be running for re-election. I understand this stance, but it should be saved for the final stages of the election assuming he wins candidacy in the Republican National Convention. However, Trump is only one of three Republicans running, and is expected to win candidacy. Still, this voting strategy can be saved until the end of the election, and until then voters should choose a candidate whose viewpoints and political stance appeals to them most. 

Unlike the Republican party, whose candidates are few and similar; the Democratic party has a plethora of candidates with extensively diverse backgrounds. One candidate that stands out to me in particular is Andrew Yang. Something that appeals to me about Yang is his business-oriented background. 

On his campaign website Yang claims, “I’m not a career politician—I’m an entrepreneur who understands the economy.” Yang holds the same business background that Trump boasted during his campaign but is more modest and less dividing with his rhetoric. A focus of Yang’s campaign is repairing the economy by creating a multitude of new jobs that were lost due to artificial intelligence and automation. 

A concept that is central to his campaign is the Freedom Dividend, a universal basic income program that would give every American over the age of 18 $1000 a month. This money would come from a tax placed upon the same large tech corporations whose workers have slowly been losing employment due to automation. 

Yang also has an interesting take on combating climate change, which is an issue that threatens our existence and whose catastrophic effects have been revealing themselves more and more lately. 

I think it is incredibly selfish and dangerous to deny climate change, especially as a politician whose input in policy making can directly affect the lives of millions of people. For that reason, a candidate’s stance on climate change is a vital aspect of their credibility. Yang makes a good point on the lack of action against climate change when he says, “When 78% of our fellow Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, it’s hard to mobilize people to care about the massive problem of climate change.” 

Why would a poor American family, who is struggling every day simply to get by, invest their attention and resources into an issue that doesn’t give them immediate ease? Yang’s focus on repairing the economy ties into his stance on global warming. He wants to bring people out of poverty so it will be easier to focus on these massive issues. 

While I view Andrew Yang as a credible candidate for the upcoming Presidential election, there are many other candidates who are equally as credible, but I would encourage prospective voters to take a long look at Yang. I urge Americans to spend some time looking into the candidates and confidently vote for one that they believe is fit to lead. Participation in this election is vital, and by no doubt will bring with it political and social change. This is a wonderful but also hectic point in our nation’s history, and there’s no time better than now to become politically conscious. 

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