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University librarians keep social media feeds relevant

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With a wide range of different social medias – yes! even a Spotify account – the University Libraries are trying to entice students to take advantage of the different resources they have to offer.

Ran by a social media committee, the library’s Instagram, Twitter, Buzzfeed, Pinterest, Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube, and Spotify accounts are designed to stay a fun, and safe space for students to stay informed with events and changes happening in the library, or school in general.

The entire social media team is guided by Amanda Lowe, outreach and marketing librarian. She says the team keeps in mind any occurring issue they feel the students should know right away, or plan in advanced the week’s posts by researching past events, or library activities.

“All of our social medias serve for different functions,” said Lowe. “The collaborative effort of input from all of the different librarians, sites such as History Today, and on campus events keep our social media accounts running smoothly.”

The team tries to connect more to the students through the Twitter account, where they usually answer any questions students “quote or tweet” them on, usually followed by a “funny (Harry Potter related) meme” to let the student know it’s a safe space for questions.

“We try to theme our weeks; if there’s something big happening one week, we try to have our posts connected to it,” said Lowe.

Sometimes, they come up with their own themed week, such as “research” week, where they promote research help, and how-to’s for such researches.

“We try to make our posts fun.” On the library’s Twitter page it shows on their bio, “scholarly, not scary.” Lowe says they try to have fun, as well as have the accounts be as student centric as possible because they want the students to follow and be familiar with all the different kinds of help and workshops being provided.

Lowe says they want to make the students comfortable and the resources approachable, while still being subject to an academic social media environment.

“We try to stay fun by posting memes, responding back to you guys when you tweet, and staying open to any social media you guys start getting used to,” said Lowe.

With over 20 playlists, the library’s Spotify page features a librarian every month by having them pick 20 songs that “defines them as a person,” said Lowe. It also includes finals playlists, welcome back playlists, and the anniversary of Harry Potter’s playlist.

Twitter: @UAlbanyLibs
Instagram: @ualbanylibraries
Snapchat: UAlbanyLibs
Spotify: ualbanylibs
Youtube: ualbanylibrary
Facebook: University at Albany Libraries
Buzzfeed: buzzfeed.com/ualbanylibraries
Pinterest: University at Albany Libraries

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