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A UAlbany’s student’s guide to surviving Thanksgiving break

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Going home for Thanksgiving break is stressful.

The first thing you have to get through in order to start your break is the long car ride home. No matter how early you hit the road, traffic and any other issue imaginable will pop up and cause you to get home after dark.

You’ll probably age a bit during this ride but not gain any wisdom. So arm yourself with a good playlist or podcast. Once home you’ll either come home to a nice meal made by your parents or slightly cold pizza — there’s no in between with this one. The one thing you’ll really need at this point is sleep and time to think of a bunch of lies to tell your family when you see them at Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving day has arrived. The best way to be prepared for the day is putting on some clothes that look good but also stretch: like a nice loose shirt, leggings for the gals and some khaki joggers for the lads, that way you have some real space to work with because unbuttoning your pants after round one of food just won’t do it.

Those lies I told you about? Now is the time to use them! When nosy Aunt Carol asks you how school’s going and what your plans for the future are, give her an elaborate but believable answer. Or if you do have serious plans for the future and school really is going well, good for you; just remember, the only thing you really know is what you’ll eat in the next five minutes, not the next five years.

Once at the table make sure you have planned out where you want to sit, you don’t want to be near the overly-chatty family members but you do want to be by your favorite dish so choose your seat wisely. And if sitting at the adult table gets way too serious with talks of politics or religion, just head over to the kids table or find a quiet place in the house where you can watch Friends on Netflix and chill with the dog.

After eating and arguing, everything should die down as people enter their food comas and then some time after that everyone will start to depart. You’ll help with some clean up and decide whether or not Black Friday is worth the hassle, and then pass out in bed. You’ll make arrangements to see your friends and soon break will be over and you’ll have to face the long trip back up. But on the way, you’ll realize you forgot all about school realizing you have a small paper due Monday. You’ll get back and pull an all nighter writing the damn thing. Welcome back to the grind!


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