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UAlbany’s reputation as a party school has died down

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    Is the stereotype that UAlbany is one of the biggest party schools in the northeast true?

Jahari Coleman

    Many think UAlbany is a school full of wild students who love to party, yet that isn’t entirely the case. There may be students who love to party, but there are many students who are deep into their studies. Being a student here at UAlbany, I wouldn’t consider ourselves as a party school. There have been many times that this campus has been inactive because students went home for the weekend, studied for exams, or there was simply nothing to do. UAlbany is a very active campus filled with many organizations that keep many students involved, but a party school? No. Now, there are parties that happen occasionally here on campus and in the downtown area of Albany, but not enough to categorize it as the wild party school many claim it to be. The typical time to expect massive parties is when school resumes in late August and early September, and also during the end of spring semester in April and May.

      The biggest factor contributing to UAlbany being a party school is the hype surrounding it. Specific parties are often advertised as the event of the weekend for students, but instead turn out to be a disaster. Terrible music, lack of organization, and a bad turn out. Also, unexpected cancellation or rescheduling influences students to not bother attending the next upcoming event.  This stereotype of being a party school is mainly produced by outsiders, who may think of UAlbany as a party school because of what they may have seen on social media or heard. This has influenced the incoming freshmen and transfer students. Many students come in with the mindset that this school is going to be a mad house with parties every weekend. However, after the first couple of months into the semester, the party life is dead.

     The impression of this school is that it is great for academics, and is an affordable, beautiful campus (with the fountain being the focal point), and that it’s big on partying. Over the past few years, UAlbany party life has died down; it isn’t as rowdy as people think it is. It used to be the number one party school and was also known for the infamous “kegs and eggs” incident. Incoming students assume the supposedly wild party life here will hinder their ability to obtain a good academic standing, but there are many students here excelling in the classroom. To many this may come as a shock that UAlbany isn’t living up to the reputation it has had for decades, but the reality is the party life has simmered down.

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  1. April 19, 2018 at 1:45 pm — Reply

    Completely true. Well written! This article has given me new insight.

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