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UAlbany’s own New Feminism

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By DavidAmodio
Opinions Editor
[email protected]
Bitchtopia.com is a startup feminist magazine launching officially on Mar. 14.

Editor-in-Chief Ingrid Taller is an English major at the Univer­sity at Albany graduating in the spring, but she plans to continue her work with Bitchtopia into her post-grad life.

This ambitious project and the support it has generated thus far on is exciting and encouraging. There is huge potential here to develop a new space for critique, creativity, and community.

Part of what makes this project so interesting and attractive is how open it seems to be. The posts on Facebook solicit all kinds of submissions including art, poetry, essays and all the rest.

Groups like this are great because there is the distinct sense that they are not in the busi­ness of censorship; that they are willing to be an avenue into the public for free expression and ex­ploration for all types of people.

Through the openness of her project, Taller wants to shed no­tions of feminism being a niche group of privileged white girls complaining.

“I want to redefine feminism in an all-inclusive way,” she told me. “Feminism is humanistic, it helps support all genders and sexualities as well as the hu­man ability to choose and exert willpower.”

Sounds good to me.

As it starts here among the UAlbany community we must consider it exceptional and understand the impact such a community could have for our student body.

Motivated and passionate individuals taking charge and creating new public spaces for discourse and communication are what make any place great—but they have an especially important role on college campuses where young students may not totally identify themselves in the broad­er stream of media that functions so prominently in their lives.

To have a home-grown version of these broader inclinations to­ward humanism and inclusion in the discourses of gender studies and sexuality is invaluable.

Not only will such a space grant new autonomy to our fellow students, but it could potentially foster a meaningful community that could start acting on these ideals.

Thus, we are called upon. The avenues are opening as we speak. Of course, as always, it is up to us to fulfill our role in this oppor­tunity and embrace its becoming.

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