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UAlbany’s Diverse freshmen class

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by Kassie Parisi

News Editor


The University at Albany has welcomed a new and diverse freshman class to the campus. Joining the freshman this year are many new full-time faculty members. The freshman class consists of 2,550 students.

The students that make up the new class were selected from an application pool of over 21,500. The overall high school grade point average of the class of 2017 is 90.1.

These freshmen were admitted against an admission rate of 55.7 percent. Out of the 2,550 students who were admitted, about two hundred of them were admitted as Presidential Scholars. One hundred and thirty three students were admitted into the Honors College.

41.9 percent of the class is made of students of color, which, according to the press release, makes this one of the most diverse freshman classes that UAlbany has had.

Joining the new freshmen are fifty-five new full time faculty members. The majority of these teachers were hired through Governor Cuomo’s NYSUNY 2020 grant. These new employees include researchers and tenure track appointments.

Many departments have gained new faculty members because of this, including the departments of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Communication, Criminal Justice, Economics, Education and Counseling, English, Geography and Planning, Health Policy, Management and Behavior, History, Information Technology Management, Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration and Policy, Social Welfare, Sociology, Women’s Studies, Gender Studies, and Sexuality Studies.

Adding to the academic advancement at UAlbany is a new event called “Celebrate and Advance UAlbany”. This event will take place from September 21st to September 28th. This event will be an opportunity for departments to highlight their strengths and contributions to both academic and social life on campus. At the end of the week, the event will close with the official installation of Robert J. Jones at the 19th president of UAlbany.

UAlbany is being physically advanced as well. The rehabilitation that is taking place at the main fountain and central water tower will be completed in the fall of 2013. This rehabilitation will be responsible for creating a new, energy efficient area with new seating, landscaping, and lighting.

Major renovations to the lecture centers will go hand in hand with the fountain renovations.

Based on these changes both in student body and campus design, the 2013-2014 school year at UAlbany will be a new opportunity for growth in both.

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