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UAlbany narrows Provost candidates down to three

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Three academic leaders are touring campus to get a shot at the role of Provost and Senior Vice President for academic affairs, a position left open after James Stellar officially stepped down in January.

President Havidan Rodriguez launched a search committee on November 5th, telling the ASP at the time that he was “building his team.”

Co-chairs Lynn Warren and David Holtgrave lead a committee of 21 members ranging from faculty and staff, undergraduate and graduate students, and other academic and senior leaders from all over the university.

The committee also worked directly with the firm Russell Reynolds and assisted the recruitment process.

With a pool of nearly 14 potential candidates, UAlbany’s search committee along with the SA Senate oversaw each candidates resumes.

Vice Chair Sam Salazar of the SA senate says his fellow team members “looked over resumes and gave student feedback.”

“The candidates are very well qualified and willing to work hard for the university and the committee members and co chairs are doing a great job,” said Salazar.

After a series of discussions, three candidates stood out among the rest: Charles Riordan, Anette Karlsson and Carol Hyungmie Kim.

Charles Riordan is currently the The Vice President for Research, Scholarship and Innovation at the University of Delaware.

“We need to increase our attention towards access as we are continuing to pivot towards issues around completion,” Riordan said during a public forum held on campus on March 4.

“I think there are a lot of opportunities for improving our educational infrastructure, our curricula and the way we deliver education.”

Riordan said being Provost means ensuring the disciplines at Albany perform at the highest level, with improving student experiences being a top priority.

Anette Karlsson is the Dean of the Washkewicz College of Engineering at Cleveland State University.

Before, she worked as an Assistant professor at the University of Delaware where she was later promoted and held the position of Department Chairperson of Mechanical Engineering.

“We need to stay funded and relevant,” said Karlsson at her public forum on March 5.

Karlsson said she would be driven to recruit and retain faculty to change the outlook on higher education.

She also stressed the importance of faculty diversity and creating an environment for them to succeed.

The third candidate, Carol Hyungmie Kim, is currently a professor in the department of molecular and biomedical sciences at the University of Maine, the Dean of Graduate School, and the Vice President for research.

Kim’s Public Forum is scheduled to be on March 11th, where she will discuss the challenges facing higher education and what she can offer to the UAlbany as Provost and Senior Vice President of academic affairs.

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    This is so interesting I can’t wait to see who wins great article too you should get a raise

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