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University Fails to Give Timely Alerts on Crimes

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Raymond Strawn III

    The University at Albany has been accused by the Police Benevolent Association, the union representing state university police officers, for failing to disclose information related to campus crimes in a timely manner. The March 5 Times Union article reported that the PBA claimed there were nine incidents in 2016 and 2017 where UAlbany failed to notify or delayed notifying students and employees about serious crimes that had just occurred on campus.

    The university has denied these allegations, but I believe there are some merits behind these accusations. This may be something the university does not want to hear from one of their students, but I think it’s clear and obvious the university has recently failed to disclose information to their students relating to campus crimes, especially when it comes to rape.

    An Albany Student Press article titled, “UPD releases report of alleged Dutch Quad rape,” was dated Feb. 17. This was the first I had heard about a rape on campus, and the article reported that a rape occurred on Feb. 5. As I read through it, I told my girlfriend about the horrific news. My last comment to her was, “And I found this out through Facebook.” She shook her head and didn’t understand why the university didn’t inform the students. This was disturbing a fact.

    I went through my emails to see if I somehow missed anything. Nope. Nothing. No official emails to students about this rape. No safety concern email to students. Still nothing official from the university. I would say that this is a failure to disclose information related to a campus crime.

    I received an email on Feb. 28 regarding a robbery that occurred south of the main campus. The email stated that the robbery occurred at about 1:40 a.m. that day and I received the email at 4:00 a.m. I would argue that this is disclosing information relating to campus crime in a timely manner. However, if the university is capable of sending emails about robberies within hours of it occurring, where are the emails about the rape?

    It is possible that the email disclosing the information about the rape was lost. However, there is a history of UAlbany hiding information about rapes and sexual assaults. The Times Union reported in 2016 about a UAlbany college admissions official removing issues of this student-run newspaper because of the headline, “Assault reports up 200 percent.” Could this recent rape at Dutch Quad be another example of the university failing to inform students of dangerous crimes occurring on campus? If the university is informing students about these crimes occurring on campus, then I must ask, where are the emails? Where are the letters? I haven’t received any. Have you?

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