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Tyler Henry: New teen psychic shocks Hollywood

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Usually people between ages 18 and 20 are either starting college, working or just going about their day thinking what to do next. Not 20-year-old psychic-medium, Tyler Henry, who connects with spirits in his new hit reality show, “Hollywood Medium,” which aired Sunday, Jan. 24 on E!  During the season premiere, Henry performed reading sessions for NBA player John Salley, TV Personality NeNe Leakes, and actresses Jaime Pressly and Bella Thorne.  The following week’s episode shows Henry’s session with TV personality Snooki from “Jersey Shore.”

Henry begins his sessions by either receiving impressions from a personal object brought by the client or through a spirit that just connects with him instantly. Connections begin when the spirit shows him “random images and symbols.” Using a notepad, Henry sketches these symbols and writes down words and numbers to effectively deliver the message from the spirit.

Henry first appeared on a “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” episode before his season premiere aired. He performed a reading for Khloe Kardashian while Kendall Jenner witnessed him connect with Khloe’s father, Robert Kardashian. Henry shocked Khloe and Kendall when he brought up a significant date in July, which turned out to be Robert’s anniversary with Kris Jenner.

The season premiere opened with Henry’s mom driving him to his appointment. Celebrities book appointments through Henry’s manager, Ron, who provides Henry with only an address – no names. This prevents beforehand knowledge of the client and eliminates skepticism. When Henry arrived to his first location, actress Jaime Pressly welcomed him to begin his session. He connected with Pressly’s grandmother by referring to her as “talkative” and the name, “Mary.”

In a sense, being a medium is like putting a puzzle piece together to reveal the final picture. Henry revealed to John Salley that when he connects with the spirit, he opens his mind to images and symbols, and “downloads a bunch of information.” Henry said that he sets his intentions to connect with the spirit and mentally receives pieces of imagery to interpret. Once everything processes, he delivers the message to the client to create meaning of it all.

“I wanted to help people in their last moments and comfort them, and then my medium career took off,” said Henry.

During his reading for Nene Leakes, Henry experienced “Medical Mediumship” which is when he goes through the process of someone’s death and takes on their physical symptoms. Things got super intense when Henry connected with Leakes’ mother.

Henry’s sessions almost always provide his clients with comfort and closure. He reassures that their loved ones are at peace and are watching over them. It’s pretty clear that Henry touches the lives of these celebrities when a few sessions ended with tears of joy.

“Hollywood Medium” leaves audiences amused by his peculiar talent. Although it’s unknown whether Henry’s connection with spirits is genuine, the suspense is worth feeling. Skeptics may question whether Henry and these celebrities are paid to put on a show, but it’s up to the audience to decide if he’s the real deal.

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