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Top 4 Albums for Halloween Party Playlists

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With Halloween approaching, people are preparing to host their annual parties – stocking up on candy, setting up their ghoulish decorations and planning elaborate costumes that are destined to be better than the year before.

Whether a seasoned host or a newbie for this Halloween season, all party-throwers should be sure to add these top four creepy albums to their party playlist, to guarantee that extra “spook” factor that’ll equally scare and intrigue party guests of all ages.

“Dead Man’s Bones” is the single, self-titled release by the multi-instrumentalist duo composed of Ryan Gosling (star of 2016’s “La La Land”) and Zach Shields. Dead Man’s Bones was formed after Gosling and Shields met and discovered a mutual fascination with Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion ride, as well as both having had ghostly encounters as children. The album is a series of love stories about ghosts and monsters, and the track “My Body’s a Zombie for You” perfectly embodies that intention, sounding like an old-school Doo-Wop track filled with ghosts and draped in cobwebs.

The duo partnered with the Los Angeles-based Silverlake Conservatory Children’s Choir for the entire record, and the children’s eerie, high-pitched and massive sound add layers of depth and complexity to each track. The choir are especially useful and powerful in contributing to the repetitive, alternating verses of “Pa Pa Power.” It’s a creepy yet catchy song, and is just one of the many fantastic tracks of this 2009 release.

The “Nightmare Before Christmas Special Edition” seems like an obvious addition to any Halloween playlist, but it’s certainly worth mentioning for those who may have forgotten the hilarity and exquisiteness of the movie and its accompanying music. This soundtrack from the 1993 Tim Burton film of the same name was composed by Danny Elfman (composer of “The Simpsons” theme, among other notable works) and nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Original Score.

“This Is Halloween” ushers in the film and introduces viewers to the various monsters of Halloweentown, and is the perfect way for party hosts to introduce their guests to their Halloween-themed homes. Another beautifully compiled track is “Oogie Boogie’s Song” – the monster’s anthem of horrid, torturous intentions to be taken out on Santa Claus, who pleads for freedom during the track. Elfman’s composition and vocal abilities (Elfman voiced lead character Jack Skellington) amaze throughout the soundtrack alongside many talented others, and the creepy-crawly lyrics drawn from the film’s subject matter are ideal for this holiday.  

A more classic addition to this list that older party hosts will recognize is Don Hinson and the Rigamorticians’ 1964 release “Monster Dance Party” – a hilarious collection of creatively composed Halloween hits that appeals to young children and adults. The album contains the Halloween party staple “Monster Mash,” as well as plenty of other songs that cleverly instruct the listener on how to do monster and death inspired dances, such as “Do the Rigamortis” and “Werewolf Watusi.”

Every song on the album is voiced by monsters and creeps, but the comedic lyrics are lighthearted enough not to frighten young trick-or-treaters. The best example of how nothing in this album is taken too seriously is perfectly illustrated in the title of the seventh track. “Riboflavin-Flavored, Non-Carbonated, Polyunsaturated Blood” is truly as funny and catchy as its title suggests along with every other track on this holiday album.

The final addition to the top four is a recent release that will give guests a fright King Krule’s “The OOZ” released just two weeks ago on Oct. 13. Krule’s distinct, deep and somewhat frightening vocals and lyrics are well-known, but this release brings with it some impeccable fits for the Halloween season.

“Half Man Half Shark” opens with a mass of people growing slowly louder, screaming the track’s title, eventually cutting to Krule singing on a bouncing, bass-driven rhythm. “Vidual” is an absolute stand-out track: a distinct, repetitive beat created by Krule’s lyrical rhythm and echoed by drums and an electric guitar make this track shocking, exciting, unexpected and best of all – spooky.

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