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Thor sequel a surprising thriller

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By Julia Day
Staff Writer

The flowing blonde hair. The
shining hammer. The six pack
of a god. That’s right folks, the
Avenger’s superhero Thor is
back in action!
Marvel’s latest installment,
Thor: The Dark World” is the
second movie in the Thor series,
and was released in theaters
Friday, Nov. 8. While many
reviewers have criticized the
movie for being an unnecessary
and redundant sequel, I believe
“Thor: The Dark World” was a
truly fun and entertaining film
that is a wonderful follow up to
its predecessor.
The movie begins with the
story of a war waged thousands
of years ago between the noble
warriors of Asgard and the Dark
Elves, who are planning on using
an evil power called the “Aether”
to destroy the universe.
The Asgardians were able to
defeat the Dark Elf King named
Malekith and seal away the
Aether where it could never be
found. The film then transitions
to current day where Thor has
finally brought peace to the Nine
Realms and is regarded a noble
Despite his high status on
Asgard, Thor still longs for his
love interest Jane Foster back on
Earth. Loki, Thor’s brother who
deceived and betrayed him in
both “Thor,” and “The Avengers,”
is imprisoned and shunned
by both his father and brother.
Back on Earth in London, Jane
and her assistant Darcy stumble
upon a wormhole that leads Jane
to the hiding place of the Aether,
which eventually harvests itself
in her body.
The activation of the Aether
awakens the hibernating Elf
King Malekith, who is pretty
pissed off from his defeat years
before and is seeking some major
revenge on Asgard.
Thor, sensing something is
wrong with Jane, brings her back
to Asgard to remove the Aether
from her. When Malekith and his
forces attack Asgard, it is up to
Thor, Jane, Loki, and others to
stop Malekith from destroying
the world.
Heart throb Chris Hemsworth
reprises his role as the lovable
demigod Thor, alongside Tom
Hiddleston starring as his conniving
brother Loki. Anthony
Hopkins plays Odin, King of
Asgard, and Natalie Portman
is also back playing the role of
the spunky astrophysicist Jane
The antagonist Christopher Eccleston,
who also played the 9th
Doctor in “Doctor Who”, plays
Malekith. Wonderful comic relief
is brought in by Jane’s assistant
Darcy, played by Kat Dennings,
and Dr. Selvig played by Stellan
Personally, I’m pretty burnt
out on superhero movies right
now. There’s at least two or three
every year, most of which are
subpar sequels to the originals.
I really loved the first “Thor,”
movie, and of “The Avengers,”
cast Thor is one of my favorites,
but I was skeptical going in to
see the sequel.
Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised
by how great “Thor: The
Dark World,” turned out. Is the
plot cliché? Of course. All superhero
movie plots are. Bad guy
trying to destroy the world, good
guy saving it, same old story.
Sometimes that formulaic plot
bothers me, but it didn’t at all
for this movie. “Thor,” was just
tons of fun. It had great action
and wonderful performances by
its cast. I think the one thing that
truly carried this movie was the
actor’s performances and the
abundant comedic relief.
I have to give a nod especially
to both Tom Hiddleston (Loki)
and Kat Dennings (Darcy) for
their performances and ability to
perpetually make me laugh.
The movie was able to perfectly
blend action and comedy,
making it a fun time for all.
Many UAlbany students also
went out to see “Thor: The Dark
World,” this weekend, providing
some mixed reviews.
Nicole Wallack, a UAlbany
sophomore stated “While not
the best film in the Avengers
saga, “Thor: The Dark World,”
holds its own as a fun and action
packed adventure. It’s not a
smart film, but it’s enjoyable.”
UAlbany student Sean Collier
had a different perspective, saying
“I didn’t expect it to be as
funny as it was, I really didn’t
expect it to be this good…also,
gotta love the Captain America
cameo too, probably my favorite
parts of the movie.”
While I agree with the opinion
that the movie was not smartly
written or extraordinarily unique,
I believe that the fun performances
by the characters and
exciting action scenes made this
movie great.
What you have to realize with
these types of movies is that
sometimes the plot isn’t supposed
to be elaborate, it’s all
about taking you on an adventure.

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