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Thomas Rhett Tells the Story of His Life With Debut Album

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Country singer Thomas Rhett continues to rise on the country music charts. According to multiple websites, Rhett’s debut album “It Goes Like This” was released in 2013.  He’s been featured in People Magazine’s online edition and performed on the Today show. Rhett’s third studio album called “Life Changes” released on Sept. 8, 2017 displays a different style of music.

Most of his songs seem very personal work. Rhett is no stranger to the music scene.  AllMusic describes this, saying, “Rhett’s father is a singer/songwriter and worked with Luke Bryan and Reba McEntire.”

The hit song “Craving You” featuring Maren Morris on his third album has a music video with Rhett portraying a cop and Morris as a criminal.  According to various websites, Rhett’s wife is seen in the video. The video features car crashes with high performance vehicles.

According to Billboard’s Country Airplay charts, Rhett’s song “Unforgettable”  rose to number 6 for last week. Rhett’s album is ranked number one on the Top Country Albums Chart for Billboard this week as well. Rhett’s album is semi-autobiographical and tells his story at different stage in his life. Rhett hits a personal note when he discusses meeting his wife, the birth of his daughter and the journey of adopting a child.

Rhett’s song “Drink a Little Beer” is a duet with his father. Thomas Rhett Sr. pays homage to the Nitty Gritty Band and Steve Earle. The guitar riffs grow louder as Rhett Sr.’s voice can be heard as an echo in the background.  There is even a little banter between father and son.  At the end of the song, Rhett says “This is so weird having my dad on a song right now.”  Another country song listeners might enjoy is “Sweetheart” that is a slow love song with a 50’s style doo-wop.  

The last track is powerful and the song is entitled “Grave” which shows a very soft side to Rhett. It has a gospel theme and talks about a love so powerful that he’s taking it to his grave.  Rhett paints a picture of things treasured in this life which are love and memories. Rhett discusses all aspects of life from birth, growing up, finding love and death. Rhett’s album is available on iTunes and Barnes and Noble.

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