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There’s More To Off Campus Living Than the Student Ghetto

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The “student ghetto”. We all know the area: those streets that run between Madison and Washington, the corner of Hudson and Quail. The area is not known for its cleanliness or safety, but you can’t throw out the baby with the bathwater — there’s more to Downtown Albany than pine Hills.  

That same area that has not been given a lot of good publicity in the recent month. During March, as we neared St. Patrick’s Day, the streets were littered with everything from pizza boxes, 30 racks and red solo cups. It looked like a garbage truck has spilled into the streets but it really was left over remnants of the “Keg and Eggs” parties that are popular around St. Patrick’s Day.

While many students choose to live there because it allows them to be in close proximity to campus and their friends, other options do exist. For those of us that maybe want a slightly different living experience, there is life in Albany outside of the “student ghetto”  Living off campus does not have to mean just within the confines of the Pine Hills neighborhood.

Albany is divided into many sections. You have Uptown, the South End, Delaware Ave, Center Square, Arbor Hill to name a few. They all have their advantages and disadvantages depending on what you are looking for in your living situation.

After having lived in Albany for a surplus of ten years I have resided in some nice areas and the some more undesirable ones. To my happiness, I seem to have found a small oasis within this concrete jungle.  The Delaware Area Neighborhood has been my home for the past two years and it is without a doubt proving itself to have it all.

The area encompasses Delaware Ave and the surrounding outskirts of downtown Albany. Nestled between the end of Lark Street and Delmar, Delaware Area has become a tight knit and friendly community with much to offer.

You can walk to almost anything – the hairdresser, the cleaners, restaurants, ice cream parlor, the bank, the library, etc.

It is also home to the Spectrum Movie Theater. Spectrum is the only movie theater left in the center of Albany and not only shows new box office hits but also has a cultivated selection of Independent films. They offer a unique experience, whether it being their popcorn buttered with real freshly melted popcorn to the baked goods offered at concession baked locally.

Parking is usually plentiful, even though on street and you have easy access to the major highways and it is a quick walk to Lincoln and Washington Park. Homes here are affordable with an average two bedroom going for eight hundred with some utilities included. It’s a melting pot of cultures with residents in every age group, from college students to families to retirees, who enjoy a strong sense of community. It is not uncommon while walking my dog that someone stops to say hello or a neighbor will come to ask if you need help shoveling your car out of the snow. In the hustle and bustle that it is to be a college student, the Delaware Area Neighborhood offers a much welcomed reprieve.

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