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The truth will set you free … but not on Scandal

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Cristina Diaz 

Staff Writer 


Spoiler Alert: Do not continue reading if you’ve yet to watched last week’s episode of Scandal

This week of Scandal was an episode of flashbacks. Every time we get an answer to a one question; thousands more come up, some of them shocking then the last.

What do we know? President Fitz and Olivia are still in love. Cyrus is still Cyrus. Mellie is that itch you cannot scratch and Olivia Pope & Associates are still indeed gladiators!

The episode begins Olivia when goes on television and announces that she will be representing Jeanine Locke. Man, is she going out for blood.

President Fitz sports a lovely smirk, like a proud father watching his daughter going to the prom, as he, Cyrus and a few other White House personnel watch the announcement.

Rowan makes a friendly call to Cyrus reminding him that the White House must confirm the affair … or else. First lady Mellie joins him in telling the President he must admit it, she will second the confession, and put everything behind them.

President Fitz has no intention in doing so. Unsatisfied with her husband’s decision, Mellie provides Cyrus with security files that detail the dates she was out of the White House.

He is to match them and claim those were the dates Jeannine and the President rubbed elbows once upon a time. Oops- somehow those files were leaked to the press.

The flashbacks throughout the episode give us a lot of background information we have been craving for. We learn about the dysfunctional father and daughter relationship the Pope clan has.

The deal was Olivia attends dinner every Sunday with her father and he would pay her law school loans. Olivia takes the metro to Union Station to have dinner with her father, in where she would pass by a certain homeless man.

Every Sunday, she would have a doggie bag for homeless Huck.

After being saved from a mugging by Huck, Olivia asked him where did he learn how to go Jason Bourne on someone. Reluctant at first, Huck gave in and spilled the beans.

He was a part of B613 run by a man called Command. The alias of this secret group was A.C.M.E. Limited, a very fake printing company.

“I can kill a man with very little effort and a lot of joy, but I try not to,” Huck tells Olivia.

She asks her father to look up Huck and B613. He never flinched and kept his gaze on her as she told him Huck’s story. He agrees to ask his FBI friend to look Huck in the system and see what he can find.

The next Sunday, homeless Huck is gone. Rowan claims there is no such thing as the “CIA on US oil,” or B613, and that the homeless man is a paranoid schizophrenic who was recently arrested.

Not convinced, Olivia questions it further, but Rowan cuts off and demands her to let it go. Like an obedient daughter she agrees. This is not over, far from it my dear Gladiators.

Quinn channels her “inner Liv” and hacks Olivia’s email, in where she reads the emails exchanged with Rowan. She tells Huck her findings; the corresponding ended soon after a homeless man at Union Station saved Olivia. And so the truth comes out. Huck confronts Olivia at the parking lot, slamming her against the car.

“Is your father Command,” he asks her. A very scared Olivia says yes.

On her way to dinner with her father one night, Olivia stopped by A.C.M.E. Limited, whose logo matched a pen her father gave to write with. The fingerprints came back clean, homeless Huck was never arrested for anything. Connect the dots people, and Welcome to Wonderland.

President Fitz demands Cyrus to make B613 release Jake Ballard by giving him two options; tell the truth or lie and say he indeed slept with Jeannine Locke.

How presidential are his balls now Cy? The President chose the latter and tells the world of the ashamed husband he is for having an affair with the young Communications Aide.

Glass of wine in hand, Olivia received a phone call as she sat on her couch. These late night calls are always interesting. No it is not Romeo, it is more like Darth Vader.

“Open your front door,” Rowan says on the phone.

“Olivia you are expected Sunday at his house by 7 p.m., and if I were you I would not be late after the gift he left at your doorstep.”

The type of gift that will make you stop visiting the coroner’s office every time they call when a new dark, 6-foot-something male comes in to be identified.

Welcome back Jake Ballard.

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