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The new face of SUNY?

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By Chelsea Ensel
Copy Editor
[email protected]

I am a dying breed here at Univer­sity at Albany. Currently a senior and a French major, I find myself attend­ing a school that technically no longer recognizes my major. Everyone knows money is tight these days, espe­cially in a state school.

Yet, our lovely SUNY administration thought it was worth the money to fund a rap video in order to pro­mote the SUNY system, instead of perhaps giving aid to a dying depart­ment.

Not only does this video look like the ap­proval came from some­one’s dad, who believes he is with it because he knows who Wilco is and watches Breaking Bad. But, this video looks like an amateur stunt that creates a sense of embar­rassment for SUNY students and professors.

Apparently the star of the video, D-list rapper, B. Martin is a UAlbany alumnus. I’m a huge fan of the posters on campus that highlight some of the amazing people who have graduated from UAlbany, including Harvey Milk. But is B. Martin who we really want promoting the SUNY schools?

Apparently though, seeing as how he gets funding for a rap video, Milk can’t hold a candle to B. Martin “who knew how to party, but also knew my limit.”

The video is very weak in convincing anyone to go to SUNY. Some stock footage shots of students in a campus center juxtaposed by girls going crazy for B. Martin followed by some random shots of the SUNY schools.

Though he is rapping about the posi­tive aspects of the SUNY system, he is still the major focus of the video. The video seems to be more about him than what they’re actually trying to market, which is SUNY.

This was the worst marketing ploy ever created by the SUNY systems, and who knows how much money was spent on this video that could have been put into things that really need a revamping at school such as: old desks, a printer that isn’t always on the fritz in the li­brary, funding for clubs or even beefing up some professors salaries.

When I see funding going to abysmal garbage like this, yet the cutting of a program with some of the most intel­ligent, experienced, and valuable teach­ers, it really grinds my gears. Aren’t more people going to state schools now because of the low cost?

I know in my hometown, SUNY Plattsburgh has seen admissions num­bers skyrocket, and a few years back they were running some commercials in the NYC-area, that also helped boost their numbers.

Martin’s video really misses the point about showing what the system has to offer, in favor of looking like some flashy rap-star producing factory.

Oh, and my favorite part of this whole shebang; the song can be down­loaded from datpiff.com. Way to go, SUNY system, in looking super profes­sional.


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