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The Case of the Apathetic College Student

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by Kailey McGarvey

We’ve all heard somebody say “I’m not voting because Obama and Romney are both idiots,” or “I hate politic. I don’t care, and it just doesn’t interest me.”

How can you not participate or care about a decision that affects and determines the type of world you live in?

Perhaps you are one who does not fully favor either Romney or Obama. It’s understandable if you are not entirely thrilled with one or the other.

Nonetheless, I can’t fathom that there is not at least one issue about which you are concerned.

LGBTQ rights? The economy? War? Jobs? Gun Control? Women’s rights? How about, in light of recent events, the environment?

If you feel you don’t know enough about something to form an opinion, do some research.

Find something to care about.

Some may say they are protesting the system by not voting when, in fact, it is doing the exact opposite. If you aren’t voting, you aren’t making a statement at all.

How will anyone understand your protest if you aren’t doing anything; if you willingly silence your own voice?

Either way, a president will be chosen whether you vote or not. You are only hurting yourself and wasting an opportunity to take part in a decision that directly affects you and your future.

If this still doesn’t convince you, consider voting for a candidate that is not a front-runner.

You might say that it is a worthless vote to vote for someone other than the two front-runners. This is not true because it takes away from their vote count. It still does make a difference, and sends a message.

If, for some reason, you cannot relate to any of the specific candidates on any of the issues, vote based on a party in general that you feel could represent you best.

Nothing bothers me more than when people who don’t vote complain about politics and the system. You cannot complain if you are doing absolutely nothing to change it. Voting is the simplest thing that you could possibly do; it is not asking a lot.

If you can’t bring yourself to vote and chose your leaders, then you have no authority to complain about how the country is being run. You can’t just do nothing and then complain about it.

Choosing not to vote will not get anything across. Consider turning your feelings into something more productive. Instead of just giving up and not voting, think of what you want for yourself and what would be best for the people around you.

Decide what the best way is to go about getting it and which candidate or party could get you there. As college students, it is time to start being active in the world around you. You should care about the outcome of this election and what it means to you and your future.

Part of being an American is having the freedom to vote.

Regardless of who you vote for, it is important to take part in the action that makes our country what it is. Voting is the simplest way to get involved. As college students we are the next generation of leaders.

Voting will help determine what world we will live in when we graduate, what kind of a people we will be. Do not let your voice be silenced when your opinion matters.

Do not be passive and take the ability to vote for granted.

People fight and die for our freedom to choose. This election will determine our next four years, and influence the many years to come. Be a part of the choice.


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