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The Case For Releasing Mueller’s Full Investigative Trump Report

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The Mueller Report, the long-awaited finale of Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump administration, is finally here. After two long years of patience, anticipation, and more Stephen Colbert jokes than can be counted, we finally know whether Donald Trump colluded with the Russian government (he didn’t) and whether he openly obstructed justice (the report doesn’t exonerate him on this).

It all seems conclusive enough, except for one critical aspect: we don’t have the full report. All we have right now is a summary of it (one very biased in favor of Trump at that), and, while the release of the full report is promised by Attorney General Bill Barr, it promises to be very heavily redacted, far from the complete picture of the investigation that the American public deserves to see.

For numerous reasons, Americans deserve to see the full report, redacted only where extremely sensitive information is included. For one, the finding that Trump’s team didn’t directly collude with the Russian government will be a surprising one to many Americans, considering news reports about meetings with Kremlin-backed lawyers at Trump Tower and, lest we forget, Trump openly calling for the Russian hacking of Hillary Clinton’s emails during the presidential campaign. The no collusion finding, then, is one that many Americans will want to investigate more closely, and only a release of the full report will allow us to independently verify for ourselves what Mueller’s team found.

In addition, the fact that the report, despite relentless spinning by Attorney General Bill Barr, doesn’t completely exonerate the president of obstruction of justice charges should give Americans cause for concern. Not since Richard Nixon have we had a president who’s been accused of this blatantly trying to obstruct investigations into him (suspicions only fueled by Trump’s firing of James Comey and his beratement of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from the Mueller probe), and the fact that a federal investigation of his actions returned a verdict of “not completely innocent” should give observers and the public pause.

Considering this and the national importance it raises, the release of the full report should not just be an effort by Trump’s critics in Democratic ranks, but a bipartisan effort, and indeed, with the seeming exception of Senate Republicans, it has been exactly that, with no Republican dissenters to a house bill calling for the full report’s release, and really, why would they vote no to that? The cases for the full report’s release from the right are just as obvious as those from the left. After all, if the report is saying that Trump, if not completely innocent on obstructing justice, is innocent when it comes to Russia, arguably the biggest talking point among liberal commentators and critics, why would Republicans who still support Trump want these specific findings kept hidden from public view?

Indeed, the efforts so far by Senate Republicans to keep this thing completely hidden, considering the House vote and the fact that a majority of Republicans want just as much to see the full report as Democrats, should be seen with intense skepticism and scrutiny, for again, if the report, according to Bill Barr, completely exonerates Trump, why not support an effort to release it? What, exactly, are Senate Republicans afraid of the public seeing? Do they know something about the findings that the public doesn’t know yet? It all looks overly suspicious, like an attempt to cover something up, and, contrary to their efforts, only further drives home the case for the full report’s release, especially if the report contains something so incriminating as to cause Senate Republicans to rebel against their own voters.

We, as Americans, have every right to see every detail of what Mueller found. We have waited 2 long years to see the results, in the meantime witnessing case after case and conviction after conviction related to the investigation, including key figures in Trump’s orbit like Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen. To not get to see anything after all this buildup and news would be a betrayal of the government’s promise of complete transparency to the American people, and nothing short of the full report’s release will be satisfactory as a result.

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  1. Causal Reader
    April 24, 2019 at 12:20 pm — Reply

    Wow, glad this is in the opinion section.
    1) (the report doesn’t exonerate him on this) === IF Mueller had evidence (he is not a liker of Trump) he would have in a heart beat put forth charges.To think that he has evidence and decided to bury it is child like. He found nothing.
    2) (except for one critical aspect: we don’t have the full report.) Really? Conspiracy theories? I thought that only was a right wing narrative but it looks like it is now everywhere. What do you think is redacted, the phrase “we found Trump guilty and we have the evidence”?
    3) (For numerous reasons, Americans deserve to see the full report) = Really, the Democats didn’t think so with the Clinton impeachment papers so much so that a Democratic LAW was passed so that it never happens again, but since this is a republican president, we can let this one by….
    4) ( considering news reports about meetings with Kremlin) Have we forgot about Obama with the open Mic making future plans with the Russians? A real incident? Clinton Russia Uranium sellout. (Did Mueller meet with the Russians on a runway somewhere? I remember hearing something about that a while ago).
    5) ( Trump openly calling for the Russian hacking of Hillary Clinton’s emails) Did you hear what I heard? I do not remember him asking on national TV for Russia to hack Hillary’s emails that were supposedly “bleach bitted” by then. I though I heard asking if anyone ALREADY HAD THEM to come forward.

    Every paragraph this opinionist has posted is riddled with sophomoric arguments that in the end are “trumped up” to not really be objective. They are filled with “feelings” and “there’s got to be more behind the curtain” arguments. I know this is a school newspaper and I see that the level of knowledge reflects that. There is a saying that “If you’re not a liberal when you’re 20, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative by the time you’re 35, you have no brain.”
    Let’s just say that you got a lot of Heart Kiddo!!! Keep up the good work…..

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