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Sybarite5 serenades University at Albany

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By: Hannah Brigida Infantado



University at Albany concluded the month of October with the tour debut from the quintet group, Sybarite5. Taking their namesake from the town of Sybaris in Greek mythology where Sybarites charmed their enemies into submission by playing music, the group of five consists of two violins played by Sarah Whitner and Sami Merdinian, Angela Pickett at the viola, Laura Metcalf at cello, and Louis Levitt at bass. The two day event began Thursday Oct. 29.

The rehearsal and demo took place on the first day, providing a new sound demonstration at the main theatre joining the university’s orchestra led by Professor Christopher David Neubert. There they shared their techniques of playing string instruments such as ‘plucking strings’, ‘tapping onto the instrument’, and even how to create different vibrations with the bow in a delicate yet simple way.

Hannah Brigida Infantado / Albany Student Press
Hannah Brigida Infantado / Albany Student Press

Friday afternoon served as part of mini workshops with the university’s chamber groups led by Professor Victoria Von Arx. The evening accommodated Sybarite5 and their music in the cozy Recital Hall. There they took control of their music, crossing boundaries and gave the audience to discover new sounds. Some music pieces featured “Yann’s Flight” composed by Shawn Conle.

“[Sybarite5] really gives something different.” said Professor Nancy Newman, the music department director chair.

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