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A good concert needs both good music and good performers, and Switchfoot delivers on both these fronts. Their show this past Thursday October 13 at Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park was no exception. The music pounded, the band performed, and the crowd rocked out. Switchfoot played a show that will not be easily forgotten.

Although they played a few songs from their new album, Where the Light Shines Through, which was released in July of this year, they played a wide range of material from almost all of their albums. As performers, Switchfoot is very good at involving the crowd and Thursday night’s crowd participated enthusiastically. The size and style of the venue aided this, as it provided a smaller and more intimate experience. At one point Jon Foreman, lead singer and guitarist, even announced that it was “the most intimate group on the tour so far,” and that “he felt like he could hang out and vibe with each and every person.” And this he did, as he joined the crowd, performed a song from the middle bar, and even crowd surfed. The smaller crowd lent much to the experience, as everyone was singing along and participating. The audience acted as a coherent unit, and it was clear that most attendees were serious Switchfoot fans.

Relient K opened for Switchfoot, and put on a strong show as well. A group who has grown in popularity over the years, they played well and got the crowd excited. In both sets, both bands mixed and performed parts of a song together.

Switchfoot, who hail from San Diego, California, released their first album in 1997 and have released ten since. Although they were originally labeled under the Christian Rock genre, in 2003 they broke into more mainstream genres with the release of The Beautiful Letdown, their first major label debut album. Two of their most mainstream hits, “Dare You to Move” and “Meant to Live,” were released on that album. Since 1997 they have released an album about every 2 years on the average. Over the years they have had many hits including, “Gone,” “On Fire,” “Stars,” “Awakening,” “This is Home,” and “When We Come Alive.” A large part of Switchfoot’s popularity came from the movie A Walk to Remember, in which four of their songs were featured. They have also been the recipient of many awards, the most notable of which was a Grammy Award for Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album in 2011. They have also received eleven GMA Dove Awards and twelve San Diego Music Awards.

As a whole, Switchfoot is a band that has been producing music for almost twenty years strong. Good music, strong showmanship, and amazing tours have provided them with a loyal fan base. I can only hope that they continue to make music as long as they can.

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