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Should the Super Bowl MVP be Traded?

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The Eagles won Super Bowl LII with backup quarterback Nick Foles, who also won the game’s MVP award. For next year, the clear goal for the Eagles is to return to the Super Bowl and defend their title. The big question though is, what do they do with Foles, and what’s the best option that’ll help the Eagles win a second Super Bowl? Should they keep Foles with the uncertainty of their starting young franchise quarterback Carson Wentz coming back from an ACL injury? Or should they trade Foles, with his trade value at the highest it will ever be? This decision could easily impact the Eagles chances of winning another Super Bowl, so what should they do?

The Eagles could decide to keep Foles as a backup QB. No one knows if Wentz will be able to return at the start of the regular season, and Foles has proven himself. It may not seem important, but winning those early games in the season can help determine home-field advantage in the playoffs or even the number one seed. At the same time, the Eagles will need a backup either way, so why not have someone who has the experience of winning the Super Bowl? Foles has one year contract for $7.6 million, and Wentz is owed $7.2 million next year. That’s less than $15 million for two quarterbacks. In fact, Foles and Wentz’s salaries are ranked 22nd and 23rd most expensive in the league, respectively. In other words, it’s a bargain to have two quality players at this price. Lastly, if Wentz struggles during the regular reason or worse, in the playoffs, the Eagles have a reliable option that they know can win the big game, in Foles. Having that insurance policy may be well worth keeping Foles.

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The Eagles may decide to trade Foles. They don’t have a second, third, or seventh round pick in the upcoming draft, and they lost their 2nd round pick in acquiring to move up to grab Wentz in the draft. The Eagles could trade Foles for possibly a second and third round pick, or maybe even a first and third round pick. The Chiefs traded quarterback Alex Smith to the Redskins for a third round pick and a promising young cornerback, and the Patriots traded quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers earlier in the season for a second round pick. Neither quarterbacks have won a Super Bowl or been Super Bowl MVP.

The biggest offseason needs for the Eagles are offensive tackle, linebacker, and cornerback. CBS Sports believes that the Eagles could draft an offensive tackle with the 1st round pick. Trading Foles for a second and third round pick would allow the Eagles to draft a linebacker and cornerback earlier in the draft rather than waiting until the fourth round, where the Eagles have two picks: one from New England when they traded Eric Rowe. Trading Foles could add more draft assets to help fill their needs to make another Super Bowl run.

Either way the Eagles go, keeping or trading Foles, it’ll help them push for a second Super Bowl win. At the price for Foles and the uncertainty with injuries in the NFL, I would keep Foles for next year. The only way I would consider trading Foles would be for a first and third round pick, but I don’t see that happening.

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