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Summer music weigh-in : Daft Punk, J. Cole, and Jay-Z

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By Victoria Moreno 

Staff Writer 

[email protected] 

As fall begins to creep it’s way back into our lives, we look back at the albums that were on heavy rotation during the summer.

One of the most anticipated EDM albums this summer came from the French duo Daft Punk. Following, a six year hiatus, the two Parisians regrouped to produce an album that had never been heard before.

The pair are not your everyday EDM producers; they record all tracks on live instrumentals and make that the foundation to their record making.

Random Access Memories contains moments on funky guitar sounds to pop electro jazz. The reveal of RAM saw instant approval from audiences worldwide. The first single featuring Pharrell Williams “Get Lucky” became summer 2013’s unofficial anthem.

Containing memorable popular tracks, Jay Z’s album made it’s way to into the hearts of all hip-hop lovers. Holy Grail varies with cameos from Beyonce, Frank Ocean, Nas, Justin Timberlake, and Rick Ross to name a few. The album ranges from soft raps, dedicated to the rapper’s daughter Blue Ivy, to love songs and of course the party anthems. The single “Holy Grail” with assistance of Justin Timberlake has reached platinum with over a million purchases.

On June 18th we saw the drop of Kanye West’s Yeezus. It is to no one’s shock that Mr. West raised some controversy with the release of his fist single “New Slaves” as to he was unable to reach conventional media like YouTube or MTV. While this is not your traditional hip hop album we see Yeezy cooperate dark beats with punk, rock and soulful sounds along with emotional raps.

That very same day we had the release of J.Cole’s Born Sinner. The rapper’s sophomore album has received much praise a clear upgrade from his previous. The album it’s self takes the listener back to the hip-hop roots with smooth flowing raps, acapella choirs, strings and catchy vocals. I’m sure you’ve heard his first single “Power Trip” ft. Miguel once or a thousand times, as it has seen Billboard success this past summer and or his second single “Crooked Smile” ft. TLC.




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