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Student Association donates $12,878 to Bob Ford Field

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By Lauren Mineau 



University at Albany’s newest athletic facility, Bob Ford Field, will receive a $12,878 donation from the UAlbany Student Association.

The bill passed by a 23-11-4 vote on Wednesday, Oct. 9 at the weekly meeting. At the previous week’s meeting, Lee McElroy, Vice President for Athletic Administration and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics suggested SA make a donation. He said the $24 million stadium can continue to be improved. For example, the current berms were originally meant to provide additional seating structures but the money wasn’t there, he said.

Why $12,878? That’s the number of undergraduate students enrolled at UAlbany this academic year. SA Chair Ryan Witte says essentially one dollar will come from each student and the cost per game for each student would be about 20 cents.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we’ll only have one Bob Ford,” Witte said.

However, one dollar is not going to be taken from each student’s $100 student activity fee payment. The money will be taken from the appropriations portion of the SA budget which has $20,000 left over from last year in addition to appropriations for this academic year. The budget for this year was not available.

Not all the senators were in favor of the donation. Sen. Dan Markisello said the money is set aside specifically to help out student groups.

Senator-at-Large Skyler D’Angelo had a similar thought, the money is meant to improve student groups and by taking this money and giving it elsewhere, those groups may suffer.

Director of programming, Ajon Crump felt the opposite, saying that athletes are students too and this donation shows they have SA’s support.

The money will be given to the Unversity at Albany Foundation and then to UAlbany Athletics by SA. Bob Ford himself was not asked to be at the meeting because SA would like to present him with a “big cardboard check” at homecoming.

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