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Steps to Eat Healthy on Campus

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To many college students, eating healthy on campus may seem too expensive, inaccessible and, to put it simply, difficult. While it’s certainly simpler to grab that gyro or fifth pumpkin spice latte of the week, no one wants to deal with the freshman 15. Thankfully, University at Albany has many hacks to eat healthy and feel great while doing it.

High-sugar drinks like frappuccinos can slow you down and lead to a sugar crash. If you live for the milkshake taste consider ordering a unsweetened iced passion tango tea with coconut milk. Once you’ve got your drink sweeten it to taste. It’s all the flavor of a milkshake without the lethargic aftermath. A similar fruity-milkshake taste can be accomplished at Argo with self-sweetened peach ice tea and coconut milk.  

If pumpkin lattes are your weakness consider ordering a regular coffee and using the Starbucks flavor station (where you add sugar and half and half) to add cinnamon and pumpkin spice. This drink allows you to control your own sweet-to-pumpkin ratio.   

If you’re in the market for lunch, try a spinach-based salad with tuna and carrots from Stocks and Stems. The flavorful tuna cuts out the need for sugary dressing. This salad provides protein and vitamins necessary for a hardworking student. But if you simply can’t live with the idea of a dry salad, try substituting traditional dressing with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

If you’re at a dining hall and you’re looking for something light but substantial try toasting two slices of whole wheat and spread some peanut butter on both sides. Then chop up a banana and and place the slices on the toasted bread. Slap the two pieces of bread together and you have a delicious sandwich.

Living a healthy life happens one step at a time. Each tasty swap brings you closer to being more energetic. But don’t forget that a healthy mind is just as important. When you’re in the campus centre trying out these swaps consider stopping by the meditation room. The room is around the corner from Starbucks, next to the multicultural center. Every small change is a step in the right direction.   


Katie Gibson is the lifestyle editor for the Albany Student Press. She is also a DJ for WCDB.

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