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Stay tuned, Pitch Please a cappella presents: PPTV

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If you happened to hear harmonious a cappella covers pouring out of Lecture Center 2 this past Thursday night, April 14, it was coming from the Pitch Please spring concert. 

Founded in 2013, Pitch Please is the first co-ed a cappella performance group at the University at Albany. They feature a variety of genres in their repertoire and have performed at the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA) competitions for three consecutive years.

The event, “Pitch Please Presents: PPTV,” showcased a selection of the group’s a cappella compositions, ranging in genre from oldies to pop music, woven into the theme of television entertainment.

Between each segmented musical performance, the multi-talented group entertained the audience with comedic sketches of typical TV programs, such as Family Feud, a news channel station, a Spanish soap opera, and even a farcical presidential debate that had the crowd in stitches.

Highlights of the show included a recall of old group members to the stage for the performance of the group’s first piece, a nostalgic medley of Beatles’ hits, and a hilarious countdown of one of the group members attempting to finish a whole bowl of cereal in 30 seconds before the group would start singing again, for which audience participation was eagerly solicited.

The performers not only astounded the audience with their musical talent and powerful vocals, they also did an exceptional job of entertaining the crowd with the chemistry of their group dynamic, complete with animated facial expressions, dance moves and witty comedic humor.

“Every song really highlighted the unique capabilities of each member’s unique vocal style,” said UAlbany student Rebecca Prince. “The arrangements had a lot of really rich harmony. A definite high point of the show was the cover of ‘Wildest Dream’ (Taylor Swift). The lead vocalist [Amanda Egan] was incredibly talented and really captivated the audience. I’m so glad that I went, and can’t wait for future Pitch Please performances.”

Grant Hilsenrath, musical supervisor, advertised the event as being “like TV, only better!” The comment proved to be true. The audience danced along to the tunes in a way that showed their utter enjoyment – it definitely seemed better than watching TV.

The vocals, however, were something that could not be confined to the tube, transcending the medium of television and reaching the audience personally and powerfully. If you missed this performance, be sure to stay tuned for Pitch Please’s upcoming shows and events, because there won’t be re-runs of these entertaining shows airing later.

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