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Snowfall on campus

Student Photographer Spotlight

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“On that snow day, I brought my camera to school to take my friend’s photo since he needed a photo of him for his job. And after school, me and my girlfriend happened to go to the pond by Liberty because we thought it would be nice with snow. It was too dark when we got there but we just kept walking through the pond from Liberty and got to the sports field.

“My girlfriend pointed out the geese sleeping on the snow that no one had touched yet. It was adorable. And next thing that caught my eye was the stadium in the distance. It was still snowing. The snow illuminated by the light on the stadium looked as though it was falling much slower than the snow that was falling around us. The bright stadium with the mysterious atmosphere and the adorable geese peacefully sleeping and moving to warm places caught my heart. I ran to the best position excitedly and appreciated the chance that nature left before us,” said Masaya Yahata, a UAlbany student and photographer.

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