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Skincare Tips For Fall

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The fall season not only means new changes to the leaves and the Starbucks menu, but your skin as well. As the weather starts to become more dry and chilly, your skin starts to require some extra attention that it probably didn’t ask for during the summer. The fall weather can cause skin to prone to experiencing many discomforts like being dry and flakey, irritated, dull in complexion. In other words, if you want your skin to remain flake-free and beautiful during the cold months, you may need to make some minor adjustments to your skincare routine.

The skin needs extra protection and nourishment during the fall season in order to avoid uncomfortable conditions that are a result of the dropping temperatures. Three things that everyone should start adding to their daily routine during the fall months are keeping hydrated by drinking plenty of water, taking a daily multivitamin, and continuing to use a sunscreen or serum that has an SPF of at least 15.

Gentle Exfoliation

All those summer days spent out on the beach start to really take a toll on your skin. Sun damage can cause dead cell build up on your skin, and this makes it start to feel extra rough and dull. So while it’s important to exfoliate regularly to remove extra skin cells and maintain a glowy complexion, it’s extremely important to use a product or method that won’t strip your skin of natural moisturizers or cause irritation. Try finding an oil-based scrub to add to your skincare routine, they not only exfoliate your skin, but they also contain hydrating oils that are essential for soft and glowy skin.


One of the most important skin care tips one can’t stress enough is the importance of moisturization. While many people can probably get away without the added step to their skincare ritual, moisturizing your skin on a daily basis helps to keep dry skin under control during the chilly season. Applying your lotion of choice right after getting out of the shower is your safest bet at sealing in the moisturizer that’s already been absorbed into your skin. Depending on your skin type, consider using a creamier morning moisturizer as well as a rich night creme formula during the evening.

Splurge on Hand Creme

Although being a broke college student usually means that you have to make sacrifices when it comes to beauty and fashion, no one should have to settle for dry and flakey hands. Investing in a rich moisturizing hand cream is essential. Hands are exposed to crazy amounts of water on a daily basis, so it’s important that you give a little more attention to making sure that they are nourished and moisturized during the chilly months ahead. Keeping your hands moisturized not only makes your hands feel soft and smooth, but also gives the perfect excuse to show off your new manicure as your nails will be stronger and healthier than ever!

While many people look forward to the cool and chilly fall season, it’s important to remember that your clothes and beverage choices aren’t the only things you need to change during the start of fall. Making minor adjustments to your skincare routine will help to ensure that your skin will look beautiful and healthy all year round. Stay warm and remember that when in doubt, moisturizing is usually always the answer!

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