Sex, Lies & Laptops

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The Theatre Council presented a play for students last Thursday depicting how cyberspace is the new playground for sex, deceit and romantic relationships between adults.

The play entitled “You’ve Got Hate Mail” was held in the Recital Hall of the Performing Arts Center, and painted a humorous account on how “cyber sexting” can negatively affect the relationships around you and the people you care about.

The play opened up with five people each siting behind a desk on the small stage, fully equipped with electronic devices used to communicate with their lovers, spouses, co-workers and friends.

Richard, the married man who works in a big time law firm, was having a sexual affair with a secretary named Wanda, and loves to engage in cyber sex with his mistress.

Stephanie, Richard’s wife, is a homemaker, who loves and dotes on her man, and sends gushy, and caring texts to her man throughout the day.

Peg and George are friends of the married couple. Both discover that Richard is having an affair, and Peg takes action and emails Wanda to catch Richard in the act.

Each of the characters uses email, text messaging and instant messaging to communicate with one another, illustrating that the use of these electronic devices have replaced one on one face interaction.

Whether accidently receiving your spouse’s cryptic sexual innuendos to their lover in your email, or sending a text message saying how much you enjoyed last night’s date, technology has changed the way people form and build relationships.

Even today, with the prevalence of social media, smartphones, tablets, anyone can hide behind their screens and fulfill their greatest sexual fantasies and desires.

But it’s important to realize the distinction between imagination and reality.

“You’ve Got Hate Mail,” provided a solid rendition on how important not to let technology consume every aspect of your life and become a web filled with lies and pain.

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