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Serving alcohol doesn’t create a party school image

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Damien’s is a relatively new eatery on campus that is already known and loved it for its chicken. While University at Albany welcomes new food options with open arms, Damien’s would be even better if it was permitted to serve alcohol.

One big source of controversy when the eatery was first slated to come to campus was whether it would be allowed to sell alcohol. One of the main concerns raised by student groups such as Middle Earth was that serving alcohol would create the image of a party school. They wanted to maintain an alcohol-free Campus Center. However, serving alcohol at a restaurant where a sizable amount of it’s the college population is over 21 hardly makes it a party school; in fact, it is catering to its customers and can make for a smart business plan.

There are many other college campuses and universities in New York state that permit the sale of alcohol and allow restaurants to serve it that are not seen as a party schools. Just one example is CUNY Brooklyn. There are many different aspects that create a reputation like that and serving alcohol on campus doesn’t necessarily insinuate that it’s a party school. Nothing about the sale of beer to someone over 21 creates this reputation.

The university could put in precautions if it is worried about the consequences of serving beer or wine at the establishment. The alcohol served would be kept in the restaurant and the amount sold to each individual could be limited to ensure the Campus Center maintains the same vibe and flow that it currently has. This would also prevent students from binge drinking, which would be the only negative side effect if not limited. There are also various measures the university could put in place to prevent people from using fake IDs, such as checking age through your SUNY ID number or account.

There are also profit-oriented benefits to serving alcohol on campus. The restaurant itself would be able to generate more profit and would probably increase foot traffic but it would also allow the university to expand its restaurant variety and provide even more diverse food options on campus. For instance, it would allow restaurants like Tully’s to consider coming to campus. The university would be able to collect more money from an increased number of establishments and students would be able to have a better dining experience, especially considering how limited the dining options are now.

Chamberlain Harris

There university should allow Damien’s to serve beer and wine. The companies should be able to sell the type of food or drinks that they see fit and let the students decide if they want to purchase them. The students deserve access to the same type of restaurants that they would find off campus where they are closer to home. Overall, there’s no major consequence to Damien’s serving beer or wine to those over the age of 21; serving alcohol doesn’t create a party school.

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