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SA Passes Freedom Apartments Traffic Circle Resolution

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The Student Association urged the University at Albany Wednesday to take action regarding a broken crosswalk sign between Freedom Apartments and the Campus.

Jonathan Cintron, an SA senator from Freedom Apartments, sponsored a resolution about the issue after several of his constituents complained about the broken sign, located at the traffic circle near Fuller Road and Tricentennial Drive.

The button that lets drivers know people are crossing the road has been broken for close to a year, according to the resolution, which passed unanimously.

With the sign not showing oncoming cars that students wish to cross the road, many cars do not yield. This has resulted in multiple students reporting incidents of almost being hit at this junction.

Senate Chair Brandon Holdridge said that the reason SA sent the resolution to these people is because they were the ones they believed could reach out to the proper people and do the best job in fixing this situation.

“Any student who wants to cross the roundabout has to at their own risk,” said Cintron, who noted the problem gets worse at night.

According to the New York State Pedestrian Safety guide: A pedestrian has the right of way at crosswalks when the crosswalk shows the ‘walk’ sign.

However, when the sign does not show that pedestrians can cross, then the vehicle has the right of way.

Through the resolution, SA urges the university to reach out to the proper authorities since the crosswalk sign is out of SA and the University’s jurisdiction.

The university as well as the roundabouts, Freedom Apartments, and the sign are all within the City of Albany’s jurisdiction.

A copy of the resolution was sent to President Rodriguez, Vice President of Student Affairs Christakis, Vice President for Finance and Administration Todd Foreman, as well as the University Police Department.

“I very much sympathize with senator Cintron…. you have a yield sign not working that’s supposed to be working with lights, the least you could do is have it be regularly maintained so you don’t have people getting run over by cars.” Holdridge said.

Jordan Carleo-Evangelist, the University’s spokesperson said that the University reached out to the County’s department of public works regarding the issue.

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