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SA Marketing spends more than 98 percent of budget before half year point

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By Kassie Parisi

Managing Editor


Nov 4, 2014

The Student Association logo. Photo from twitter.com
The Student Association logo. Photo from twitter.com

The Marketing Department of the Student Association spent almost 98 percent of its budget during the first half of the academic year.

   During the 2013-2014 school year SA had a total budget of $1,495,405. Out of this amount, the Marketing Department was given budget of $26,000.

   The Marketing Department uses these funds for fall event promotions, spring event promotions, Dippikill advertising, and ticket sales. The Marketing Director also received an additional stipend of $2,750, and a summer stipend of $1,850.

   At the end of last May, the Marketing Department’s budget was decreased for the 2014-2015 school year. The department would be receiving $15,000 for the total year, a dramatic decrease from their $26,000 last year.

    The department had spent a total of $14,770 out of the $15,000, according to a presentation made by former Marketing Director James Scott in an Oct. 8 Student Association meeting.

   This left the department with $230 for the remainder of the school year, although Scott mentioned that he was expecting an additional $1000 to come in.

   Scott also stated in the meeting that the Marketing Department had adjusted its spending accordingly to fit its $15,000 budget.

   If the Marketing Department runs out of funds, it would be forced to start using funds from the Student Association Supplemental Allocations account. The money from the Supplemental Allocations account is often reserved to help student groups with funding.

   According to Scott, the money was spent on Student Association merchandise and promotions for events such as the Block Party.

   Scott has since resigned as Marketing Director. According the SA Vice-President Marc Cohen, Scott reluctantly resigned because he had just taken on a new job as a personal care assistant that would take up much of his time.

    Cohen was not aware of any other factors that had led to Scott’s resignation and Scott did not respond to request for comments. The Marketing Department is currently being run by Interim Director Helmi Teklu and the appointment process for a new permanent director is ongoing.

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