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SA elects sew senate vice chairman Max Sevor

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The Student Association senate elected Max Sevor as its vice chair Wednesday night following a lengthy debate.

Sevor ran against close friend Cassandra Jones, who he had supported in her run for senate chair against Brandon Holdridge back in May.

The vice chair is the second highest position in SA’s senate and is tasked with coordinating the administrative duties of the senate, according to the organization’s constitution.

If the senate chair is absent, steps down, or steps down, the vice chair is tasked with filling the role.

The pair joined the SA last year, representing State Quad where they sponsored the Protect Our Students from Asbestos Act, which called on the university to be more transparent in its dealing with asbestos-containing material found throughout various living areas.

“We had an agreement that our professional lives and our personal lives were two separate things,” Sevor said following the election.

The two were seen hugging throughout the debate.

“I adore him,” Jones said after the results were tallied. “I know he will do a great job.”

To win this seat, a two-thirds majority vote was needed. Sevor received 29 of the 40 possible votes, two more than he needed.

Jones received the remaining 11.

Sevor, who served as the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee last year, is a Residential Assistant on State Quad and a member of the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity, a community service based fraternity.

His platform consisted of three points: listening, developing, and building a community within SA.

“If I can be the catalyst that will make you guys better listeners here in the senate, I really want to foster you to do that,” Sevor told fellow senators. “I want you to listen, but I want to also listen to you.”

Jones, who was appointed chair of the Housing Task Force following her work on the asbestos abatement bill last year, was the first freshman to be appointed to the Board of Finance and served as the junior ranking member of Constituent Relations last year.

Much of her platform mirrored that of Sevor’s, but emphasized her attention and dedication to SA.

“My commitment to SA is my first priority behind my own health and my academics and I hope that you guys see that I am here to help you,” Jones said.

Both candidates highlighted the negative tensions between the senate and executive branch, along with the organization’s failure to follow its bylaws last year.

“I’ll even throw a pizza party to make things work,” said Sevor, referring to a possible bonding idea between the two branches.

Following a series of questions from the senate, both candidates were asked to leave the room to allow senators to further debate and vote.

Ultimately, the senate choose Sevor.

“I believe that Max will thrive in this position,” said Brandon Holdridge, senate chair.. “I believe we will work together beautifully.”

The night ended with the newly elected vice chair calling attendance for the first time.

“I’m feeling great,” Sevor said after the election. “I’m feeling very accomplished.”

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