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Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Line Includes Choices for All, Celebrates Diversity

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Rihanna’s much awaited makeup line, Fenty Beauty, dropped on Sept. 7 this year, stunning those eager to try her new products. The makeup line comes with several groundbreaking features, like 40 different shades of foundation, a brush-on highlighter that can be seen from Neptune, and multi-use magnetic, hexagonal makeup sticks that fit together in the shape of human DNA—a nod to Rihanna’s plight to create more ethnic inclusion in her beauty products. Customer reviews have been undeniable. This line is unlike any other with its quality and its variety of makeup is unparalleled.

The global makeup market is a complicated duality. On one hand, beauty companies are seemingly trying to expand their range of skin shades. However, companies like CoverGirl have only seven shades of foundation, where the darkest, “d7,” is only a deep tan color, if that. Women with paler skin have much more to choose from when shopping for makeup. While stores like Sephora may have racially diverse models on their walls, their range of foundation, concealer, and BB cream shades do not necessarily reflect that ideal.

Our favorite R&B pop icon is aware of this lack of representation in beauty products and determined to change it. Rihanna recently posted a promotion video on her Fenty Beauty website, where she discusses Fenty’s origin and what she hope its impact will be. The video is shot in frenetic pulses of footage, electronic club synth underlying Rihanna’s narrative.

“I want women to feel included,” she says. “I want teenage girls to fall in love with it and I want it to be for women of all colors, shapes, sizes.” The video bounces between realistic shots of Rihanna working with her Fenty team and models of every skin tone and ethnicity posing radiantly in front of different urban backdrops or in a high-fashion modeling greenroom.

The women are all beautiful, but also strikingly different from one another. Fenty can truly fit skin ranging from the palest of the pale to the deepest of the deep. It is certainly transformative for its wearers, but still empowers users to feel beautiful in an authentic way. They are not hiding themselves to be beautiful; rather, their features are enhanced by Rihanna’s makeup. “I have always been obsessed with makeup,” she said during her promotional ad. “There are so many looks you can do.”

Fenty Beauty truly offers something for everyone. It is contemporary, well-formulated, diverse, daring, and unapologetic, true to Rihanna’s overall brand. Its message is obvious—beauty lives in diversity and differences. To enhance that is to empower women and girls while we reach for our makeup bags and say that our variety is worth being reflected in the beauty market.


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