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Review: ‘The Walking Dead’ season eight

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Season eight of “The Walking Dead” wrapped up this Sunday, leaving fans wondering what’s to come in season nine. Warning: this review contains season eight spoilers.

The season began with talks among the groups about how they were going to stop the Saviors. When fans were introduced to the Saviors for the first time last season, it’s been a struggle and uphill battle with them since then. The whole season rather was about finally stopping the Saviors and going back to the way things were before.

In an early episode this season, there was an echo of the show’s very first episode, where Rick was at the gas station and finds a little girl as a walker. Now back to season eight, Carl came across another person at a gas station while he was looking for gas.

At the time fans didn’t think anything of it, but this situation changed everything.

While Carl found the man again and decided to bring him back to Alexandria where they lived, they ran into some walkers. As one knows, this would not end well for Carl, and he was bit.

Most fans didn’t even see him get bit in the original scene, but saw it coming with all the foreshadowing regarding his character in the episode.

The whole episode leading up to his death was so well thought out and written. As this was going on, Carl had not told anyone about his bite.

The Saviors were on their way and are looking for blood and weapons. Carl managed to hold them off while the others get away. Carl began talking with Negan as he and the Saviors arrived.

Carl sacrificed himself to be killed because he knew he did not have much longer. The whole moral of Carl’s death was that he wanted things to go back to the way they were. He said this in the letters he wrote to Rick, Michonne and Negan.

He expressed that this world was already so bad and over run by the dead, so why do the living have to kill?

The episode was very hard to watch as fans had seen Carl grow up right before their eyes to become a man.

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