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ResLife Introduces Changes to Housing Process

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The Department of Residential Life at the University at Albany recently made some changes to the on-campus housing policy.

Freshman will still be expected to live on campus for the first year on either State Quad or Indian Quad. Now, students who were admitted as freshmen to UAlbany will also be expected to stay on campus their second year. These students will always be given a room on either Dutch Quad or Colonial Quad, but some sophomores will be able to stay on Empire Commons, Liberty Terrace, Freedom Apartments, or Alumni Quad, according to a spokesperson for ResLife.

“It works out that Colonial and Dutch Quads have just enough space to provide our current freshmen to be housed as sophomores,” ResLife said in an email correspondence.

After current freshman sign up for housing, upperclassmen can also live on Colonial and Dutch quads, according to UAlbany Director of Media Relations Karl Luntta.

These changes to freshmen and sophomore housing do not affect students who commute.

“The policy is that if you live within 50 miles of campus, you have the option of living at home and attending,” ResLife said.

State University at Albany
University at Albany Alumni Quad

Alumni Quad will now be available to more students.

“We have added Alumni Quad to the choices this year for upper class housing selection,” Res Life said and later added, “Alumni Quad will still be used to house transfer and international students, there are no changes there.”

The changes are being made in order to make sure there is enough space for everyone on campus.

“When we have had a shortage of space in the past, this has impacted the new student areas,” ResLife said. “More so the freshmen quads, as we have had to increase rooms and occupy temporary areas.”

Upperclassman housing signup begins Feb. 22nd. Current freshmen may sign up beginning Feb. 29.

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