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Reform Pilates is a Game Changer

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I’ve never been a huge fan of Pilates. I’ve been dragged to countless mat Pilates classes by friends who claim it has changed their entire bodies. I just don’t understand how this is possible. Most of Pilates class feels like the aquatics team for elders and I swear I am doing it right. When transformation occurs from yoga, TRX and OULA, I understand it. There is free movement, body-weight exercises and core work. I had dismissed Pilates completely until learning about Reform Pilates.

Reform Pilates is Instagram famous.  I see countless celebrities in these strange contraptions claiming to get an amazing workout. The Kardashians, Lea Michele, Vanessa Hudgens, Kate Hudson and Lady Gaga are frequent users of the reform machines. After trying out reform Pilates for myself, I can tell you – it completely changes the game. So are you wondering what the heck reform Pilates is?

Reform Pilates carries the same basic principles as Pilates. It emphasizes core strength and focuses on a select group of muscles. The difference is the machine, a small moveable pad about the size of a single bed. There are various spring attachments, bars, straps and pulleys that allow exercise to be done on either side, on or off the mat.  The resistance is adjustable to your personal needs so any exercise can be easier or harder depending on your desires.

I consider myself a pretty fit person. I regularly exercise doing things like running, kickboxing TRX, Yoga and biking. Believe me when I say that Reform Pilates is a great workout. Every move incorporates your whole body, creating a flow of constant energy and effort. It was much harder than I expected. The core is emphasized strongly throughout the class in every single exercise.

Form is everything in regular Pilates and especially in Reform. The instructor spent most of the class correcting my form. The form of Pilates can be used in almost every other area of exercise. The constant reminder of alignment stuck with me next time I ran or sat at a desk.  Near the end of the class I felt energized and wanted to keep going. The hour flew by and my body felt challenged in brand new ways.

However, making Reform a habit might require a celebrity-like salary too. Each class averages around twenty-five to thirty dollars and even more for private lessons. If I was a millionaire this is the exercise I would regularly incorporate into my lifestyle. I now understand why it’s so popular and sort of wish I never found out about it.

If you are interested in trying reform Pilates, there are multiple options for you. I attended a class in Guilderland at the Freestyle Fitness studio but there are Pilates studios all over Albany.

Keep in mind that quality of quantity is key in Reform Pilates. It’s okay if you can only do a move once or twice, but be sure to use the correct form.

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