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Programming Board plans fun for fall

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The Programming Board will be bringing back traditional events and incorporating some new events at the University at Albany this fall semester.

Kofi Frimpong, a programming assistant, explains one of their new events is their “It’s A Vibe” series, which ranges from game nights to trivia nights at Damien’s in the campus center. The Programming Board will be continuing their Six Flags Fright Fest trip on October 6 as well as their NYC Takeover, Frimpong said.

“In December we basically just have a day trip to New York City, it’s around 10 dollars round trip,” said Frimpong who explained the Board is still developing a side event for the annual event. “Students do whatever they need to in the city, visit their families, take in the sights. Last year we went to Wollman Rink in Central Park.”

According to Frimpong, the Programming Board relies on a mix of traditional events as well as new ideas to fill their events calendar for the academic year.

“A lot of students don’t know that the UAlbany Programming Board is a student run organization,” said Frimpong.

One event coming back this year: the organization’s Diversity Banquet. Created by programming assistants, Frimpong said the event is on its way to becoming a traditional event.

“We’re going to do it again this year since it got such a good review from students last year,” he said.

According to Frimpong, the Programming Board is starting committee teams this year as a new approach to coming up with ideas and managing events. There will be committees for specific, large events such as Fright Fest and the NYC Takeover, and other committees will handle multiple events of the same theme.

“We have a Great Danes Spirit committee so that would be game days and homecoming. We have a diversity and inclusion committee which the diversity banquet would fall under,” explained Frimpong who said the Board is holding weekly meetings in order to check-in how how events correspond with each committee.

The organization meets every Friday from 3 to 5 p.m. to brainstorm new ideas, give updates on event plans, and review events from past weeks.

The Programming Board operates under the campus life fee, which ranges from 50 to 101 dollars, depending on how many credits a student takes, according to Frimpong.

“It’s often that we’re confused for the student activity fee, but the student activity fee is under the student association,” said Frimpong, who explained the group divides its funding between committees. “We basically divvy up the money based on the events we have throughout the year, we have a planning calendar of events for the year.”

Diversity and inclusion are one of the main goals of the Programming Board, said Frimpong.

“If we have people on our flyers, we’ll always try to include people of all colors, races and religions,” said Frimpong, who explained the Programming Board receives advice from the Disability Resource Center on how to be inclusive for students that are differently abled, such as making their flyers readable for students who are color blind.

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