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Pre-Clash bash

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By Janie Frank

News editor


   Residential Life is hosting a Pre-Clash Bash on Friday, Sept. 19, from 5-7 p.m.

   Troy Norton, a member of the Pride Committee of Indian Quad’s Residential Life, explained that the event will include activities such as a three-legged race, a relay race, and tug-of-war. There will also be a dunk tank and an event called, “Dunk Your RAs/RDs.” Students will pay a small fee to be able to throw three balls at a target.   

   Every time the target is hit, a person sitting above the dunk tank – in this case, Residential Assistants and Residential Directors – will be dropped into the water beneath them. The money collected from this activity will be donated toward a cause. While the exact cause has not yet been decided, Norton mentioned Holiday Heroes.

   The event will be held on Indian Quad’s grounds.

   “We are planning on splitting events between the main courtyard in front of Mohawk Tower and the land behind Adirondack and Cayuga halls,” Norton said.

The Pre-Clash is designed to encourage school spirit prior to the Clash of the Quads, and event that began in 1913, ended in the 1960’s, and was reestablished in 2003.

   “The specific goal of the event is to hype Indian Quad residents for the Clash of the Quads the following day and have a fun time in the process,” Norton said.

Residential Life intends to host more events similar to the Pre-Clash Bash over the year with the intention of encouraging student involvement.

   “This is especially important seeing as Indian Quad is a freshman quad, as this is one way we can help freshmen with their individual transition processes,” Norton said.

   A student DJ will be present and students who have their SUNYCards scanned will be entered into a raffle.

   There are some other possibilities for the event that still need to be finalized, including what the winners of the raffle and various games will receive.

   “We are looking to provide gifts to winners of certain events,” Norton said. “These will most likely be in the form of gift cards.”

   Norton also explained that local food organizations such as Wings over Albany have expressed interest in providing food for the event.

   The official Indian Quad cheer will be taught to the Quad’s residents throughout the day in preparation for the upcoming Clash of the Quads.

   “We have been planning the event since move-in week and we are excited to see everything come together,” Norton said.

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