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PeepThis bring grassroots EDM movement to the 518

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By Derek Scancarelli
Arts & Ent. Assistant Editor
[email protected]
The phrase “Stuff Your Face With Bass” has become syn­onymous with EDM (electronic dance music) performances in the Capital Region.

PeepThis, a local produc­tion company based out of the Albany area, is responsible for the ongoing series of shows at the Washington Avenue Armory.

A grass roots mission that places an emphasis on locality, the company, run by brothers Travis and Kyle Faulkner, likes to give back.

In February, the company even gave away passes to Ultra Musical Festival in Miami, Fla. at its smaller shows at the Fuze Box on Central Ave.

In the past, PeepThis have been responsible for bringing such artists as Dillon Francis, 12th Planet, Clockwork, and countless regional performers to the stage of the Armory, Upstate Concert Hall, Fuze Box, and more.

In honor of the upcoming and newest installment of PeepThis’s Stuff Your Face With Bass “White Massive” on March 29, the ASP sat down with the Faulkner brothers for a few ques­tions about how they run shop.

Here’s what PeepThis had to say:

ASP: PeepThis seems to have humble beginnings. Would you agree?

PeepThis: Yes I do agree, we honestly never planned to be doing what we’re doing. We started as DJs and fans, we wanted a place to play/listen to the music that we loved and our friends loved. So we had to start doing our own events because before that there were not many choices in the Upstate area. ASP: Your company seems to have a grass roots feel to it. Is that accurate? Community seems important to you guys.

PeepThis: Community is every­thing. We bring the community together with the unique team that we have. From starting at the base of the scene and pro­gressing to where we’re at, we couldn’t have done that without our community.

ASP: What does PeepThis strive to do for their customers?

PeepThis: We always strive to provide our peeps with a whole­some experience with good vibes and quality production and tal­ent. We also provide to the com­munity clothing and style that represents our company and our scene. ASP: Does being a part of the music scene help you tailor your business side of your involve­ment?

PeepThis: Without a doubt. By being true fans and having rela­tionships with many other fans we have the advantage of experi­ence, seeing what the audience takes away from an event and how they perceive aspects of the events both good and bad. ASP: Where did your passion for all of this begin?

PeepThis: It started with the pure love for music, and branched into playing the music that we enjoyed and wanting to project that enjoyment to our friends and others. It eventually stemmed into us finding our own avenues for delivering that pas­sion all over. ASP: What is more important to you, a big name performer or a great experience? How have you taken steps to transcend the two?

PeepThis: Both really but when it comes down to it at the end of the day, we started our SYFWB (Stuff Your Face With Bass) series on the fact that it was all community based and strictly local artists with an experience that superseded any mainstream talent.

ASP: What do people need to know about PeepThis that they may not already?

PeepThis: No one in PeepThis wears a condom… ASP: How has it been dealing with the whole Armory situation been?

PeepThis: There have been some difficulties; things are being restructured so that the city of Albany as well as the venue are satisfied. We encour­age people to rage safely and to respect venues as well as your fellow ragers. PeepThis strives to provide a safe place for people to go and enjoy themselves. ASP: What have been your favorite events to work on?

PeepThis: We love to work with artists and companies that are down to earth and on the same page as we are.

ASP: You guys present your­selves as gentlemen. How do you get past the stigma associ­ated with some faulty EDM pro­ductions and hold yourselves to high-esteem?

PeepThis: We do what we would expect from any other production company.

ASP: Kyle — we spoke about how a concert/party experience is in the eyes of the beholder and that drugs and alcohol are not synonymous with enjoying music. Tell me more.

PeepThis: Perception is real­ity, when people from an out­side perspective only see the negative they don’t experience the event for what it is: good music, like-minded people, and a safe environment. ASP: What can we hope to see from PeepThis in the future?

PeepThis: The expansion of our merchandise department, college tours, expansion of PeepThisTV, which interviews artists, fans, and captures the experience of our events in High-Definition, without condoms. ASP: If UAlbany students want to get involved with the com­pany, how should they go about doing so?

PeepThis: There is a wide range of opportunities for involvement within the team, from people of all ages and interests. Contact [email protected] with further questions. We offer internships as well.


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