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Parking Services: State Quad Flex Lot Not ‘Favorable’ for Students, Weighing Options

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Faculty occupy 40 percent of the Flex parking lot on State Annex at peak hours and 25 percent of the 177 spaces at non-peak times.

“We definitely understand the Flex designation in State lot has not been favorable to the student population and we are currently taking a look at options,” said Jason Jones, director of PMTS.

The availability of parking is especially low from 9:45 a.m. to 3 p.m., and always toughest on Colonial and Indian Quads. Parking and Mass Transit Services reports that those two quads are at 99 percent occupancy during peak hours. State and Dutch Quads reportedly peak at 90 percent and 60 percent, respectively.

The recent designation of 177 parking spots on State Quad has also caused some grumbling among students.

William Johns, a commuter student graduating in 2019, parks on State Quad and walks through the flex lots to get to class. “The flex parking lot is never full,” said Johns. “Why not give some spaces to students?”

PMTS is discussing construction of a new lot on the east side of Indian Quad. “We are also discussing revised options for State Flex but again we need the semester to move forward and the construction on the west side of campus to commence until we can make a better informed decision.”

Samantha Daveys, also a Colonial sophomore, reported similar problems. “I think on the weekends they should open up the faculty spots to the students because there’s so many empty spaces, and we’re not allowed to park there.”

Though Ralph Sahin, a sophomore on Dutch Quad, has not yet encountered problems finding parking space, two tickets PMTS issued him have been a thorn in his side.

Uptown & Downtown Parking

Parking and Mass Transit Services have issued 1,885 such parking citations this September, down from last September’s count of 2,350.

During move-in week, Sahin learned that PMTS would not issue him a parking permit because his car belonged to his stepfather, not an immediate family member.

Ralph then drove two and a half hours to his home in Staten Island, took his mother’s car, and drove back to Albany.

“It would’ve been nice if I would’ve kept that first car,” said Sahin. “I don’t know why they made a hassle with me not being able to get that twenty-five dollar permit. Twenty-five dollars, are you kidding me?”

PMTS has issued 1,689 resident permits and 6,309 commuter permits so far this year. That’s already more than the total number of parking spaces – 7,500 – but PMTS points out that not all students are on campus at once.

Administration continue to carry out surveys and studies focused on transit options for students, such as bus rides and carpooling.

“Ultimately, our goal is [to] provide reasonable parking on campus and I can safely say there has never been a time when parking was not available,” said Jones, in an email. “I understand it may not be in the closest location but we have never been at 100 percent capacity in student lots.”



Joe Hoffman is the managing editor for the Albany Student Press.

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  1. Kraig
    October 3, 2017 at 10:31 am — Reply

    How about building a garage or two. Perhaps in the colonial lot next to the podium? How about in the state faculty lot?
    HVCC did this and parking seems much better on campus as a result.

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