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Opinion: Cuomo’s Ability to Compromise is Presidential Material

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During the last election, I was an unabashed supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign for president, believing at the time that a bit of radicalism was necessary to give this country back to the people. But now that we have been thoroughly subjected to the disaster of Trump and the Republican Party’s best impersonation of the Evil Empire, America should welcome no radicals come 2020. A great unifier is coming, and his name is Andrew Cuomo.

You don’t garner a lot of hardline support when you’re a moderate like Cuomo. People have grown to expect their leaders to refuse compromise in favor of stagnation, if that means getting what they want. Towing the party line has become so ingrained in our collective zeitgeist that we cannot remember the last time our politicians were willing to compromise with the opposing party in order to better the country as a whole. Democrat or Republican, but not American.

M. Francis Mirro

Andrew Cuomo has been the governor of New York since 2011 after serving as the state’s attorney general before that. He has brought respectability and competence back to an office severely scarred by the previous administration of Eliot Spitzer and David Patterson. Whether it was to gain funding and approval for a major infrastructure project like the new Mario Cuomo Bridge or to make New York the first state to offer free tuition to in state college students, Cuomo has shown a willingness to compromise with the opposing Republican Party in the state legislature. This has resulted in New York getting back on its feet after being hit hard by the economic downturn that preceded his term in office.

It was through Cuomo’s efforts that New York finally made marriage equality a right, signing it into law during his first year as governor. Following the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012, he secured viable gun control legislation something the rest of the country seems utterly confused about. From the start, Cuomo has made infrastructure overhaul a top priority along with job creation, and he would no doubt bring a similar agenda to Washington.

Cuomo often receives criticism from both the left and the right due to the childlike reluctance of both parties to reach across the aisle and make concessions to actually get anything important done. Not too long ago, we would embrace a president who, like Cuomo, is willing and able to work with the opposition and demonize a leader who simply browbeats, threatens, or mocks his detractors. We need to get back to that way of thinking to recover from this great national embarrassment.

New York breeds great politicians. If you can handle the infamous brutality of the Albany Legislature, Washington D.C. can look like a walk in the park. Seven presidents have come from New York including the two Roosevelts (both served as governor before becoming president) and our current president. Perhaps this is because the same attributes that are necessary for political success tenacity, inventiveness, big picture thinking and a thick skin are also commonly thought to thrive at the heart of every New Yorker.

This administration has magnified the revolting parasite which has long made its nest on Capitol Hill: partisanism. Compromise is essential to the democratic process and we should expect our elected leaders to fight for us and not solely for the aims of their respective parties. A leader willing to face the masses with arms outstretched to both sides is one willing and able to stitch close the gaping and appalling wound that is killing us. A leader stuck firmly in their ways works to divide people. Andrew Cuomo can be that leader if elected in 2020.

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  1. Mark
    December 7, 2017 at 12:17 pm — Reply

    I worked for Eliot’s company for almost three years. It is the most unethical & immoral company I’ve ever worked at & I’ve been in NY real estate for over 15 years. It was run by Mark Williams who was a sociopath & broke every single fair housing & labor law imaginable. Eliot knew what was going on but turned a blind eye to it. He finally forced Mark Williams into retirement recently because of the new projects he has coming out & replaced with a fall down drunk chain smoking pathological liar, Stephen Brady, who has zero on-site experience. I was unmercifully bullied every day there. Yelling & screaming constantly. I developed unbearable anxiety & I was laughed at when I informed Mark. I had to go onto meds… then Mark would tell me I’m on drugs. Mark would disappear with his secretary & think no would would know but refused to ever give us a lunch. Never a lunch in almost 3 years!! Mark would always yell if an older person applied for an apartment at 800 Fifth Avenue… “I will not allow 800 to turn into a hospice care!”. Bernard Spitzer was so cheap when he built the building he used sliding glass doors cut in half that he got a bargain on for all the windows & fought not to have to put up marble in front of the building like every other building in 5th Avenue. I have no clue how Betty, Charles & Eliot sleep at night knowing how their employees are treated. They are bullies!!
    What do you expect from a guy who’s into girls walking Eliot around “nude on a dog leash with sex toys in his anal cavity.” He’s got more important things on his mind…

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