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No poo movement

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It’s not what you think! No poo is a movement about replacing traditional commercial shampoos with less harmful mixtures. Commercial shampoos tend to use sulfates and other detergents to make their product sudz up. The chemical buildup can lead to dandruff, oiliness, and breakage. Some studies have linked such shampoos to cancer.

Our hair was not meant for such concoctions. Instead of allowing hair to balance oils, shampoo strips the hair, which opens the market for artificial conditioners. Switching to a homemade method is cheaper and more fun. I have been no poo for half a year. My hair is softer, fuller, and less maintenance. In my experience, there is a two week transition when you stop using traditional shampoo where your hair feels oilier than usual. This is because your hair is getting used to regulating its own oil after years of having it manually stripped.

During the transition, comb your hair at the end of each day to redistribute oil from your roots to the ends of your hair that need it much more. Resist the urge to use commercial dry shampoo and shampoo. After the transition period, I noticed my scalp felt lighter and tiny hairs grew over my head from areas that had been previously blocked by buildup. This made my hair look fuller.

Here are some off my favorite no poo recipes:

Baking powder paste

Mix baking powder with water until it forms a paste. Apply paste to hair and wash out with water. Follow up with an apple cider vinegar rinse once a week, which works like a natural conditioner. This recipe is great for trips because most people have baking soda in their homes. I’m a big fan of the apple cider vinegar because it feels invigorating and wakes me up for the day. It also makes my hair super soft and surprisingly leaves no smell.

Sea salt DIY shampoo

Mix sea salt, a teaspoon of coconut out, and unscented castile soap, and lemon juice. This is my staple shampoo. It is modeled off the shampoo “Big” from Lush. Buying the ingredients in bulk offers a much more affordable and long-term option.

SOURCE / Derek Schmitt

Aztec clay mask

Mix aztec clay and coconut oil with apple cider vinegar. Apply it to your hair and let set for thirty minutes, then remove in the shower.

SOURCE/ Derek Schmitt
Katie Gibson six months no-poo


Katie Gibson is the lifestyle editor for the Albany Student Press. She is also a DJ for WCDB.

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