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No hot water for some UAlbany summer-session students during first week

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By Janie Frank

News Editor

[email protected]

May 14, 2015

   Many students living on campus this summer will have to take an eight to 10 minute walk to shower because these students will not have hot water in their residence halls for the first week that they are expected to live there.

An email was sent out mid-day on Sunday, April 12, by the University at Albany Department of Residential Life to inform students who had already enrolled in summer classes.

   “Due to the University’s annual hot water shutdown there will be NO HOT WATER during the first week of summer school session,” the email read.

Students will be asked to use to showers at the SEFCU arena, which is on a separate hot water system, according to Director of Media Relations, Karl Luntta.

“We work with Athletics and Campus Rec to arrange for students enrolled in the first week of summer school to have access to the hot showers on the first floor men’s and women’s locker rooms,” Luntta said.

The email stated that all summer school students will be given rooms on Colonial Quad.

Colonial Quad and the SEFCU Arena are approximately .6 miles apart, about eight minutes by foot, according to Google Maps. The walk will be closer to .9 miles and 20 minutes by foot if students choose to walk on paved roads.

The showers at SEFCU will be available to students throughout the day, according to Luntta.

This is not the first time UAlbany summer school students have gone without hot water.

“Every year for the two weeks following commencement the main boiler and chiller plant that services the university’s uptown campus is shut down for annual service,” Luntta said. “It’s during that second week, which is the first week of Summer School sessions, that students are affected.”

Students are also accommodated for the inconvenience, according to Luntta.

“We discount housing by 50 percent for that first week of summer school for students affected by the shutdown,” he said.

Elizabeth Allgeier is a junior at UAlbany. She is planning on taking summer courses in order to graduate on time.

“I think it is extremely inconvenient to those of us who are taking summer classes and staying on campus,” she said. “But I do appreciate the fact that I am not paying the full amount that week of the shut down.”

Not all residence halls will go without hot water. Both Liberty and Freedom Quads have their own hot water systems and will therefore remain unaffected.

The email also noted that this will not be the only disturbance these students will be disrupted with.

“The roofs of Paine & Zenger Halls will be attended to by contractors this summer,” the email said. “Therefore be aware that work could begin as early as 8am MondayFriday.”

Classes begin May 26 for the first Summer School session at UAlbany.

If you are a summer school student and have any questions or concerns, UAlbany Res Life can be contacted at [email protected] or (518) 442-5875.

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