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New York Can do Better Than Chuck Schumer

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Matthew Noyes

    Chuck Schumer is taking a step backwards by propagating racism under the guise of virtue signaling. Earlier this month, Schumer voted against Judge Marvin Quattlebaum who was nominated to be a district judge. As reported by CNN, The sole reason Schumer said he voted against him was because he was white, despite his qualifications. Schumer only cared about the color of his skin, and this kind of thinking is toxic. Racism and those who proliferate it should be condemned, and New York can do better than Chuck Schumer.

    The role of the judiciary is to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States and enforce the law. Judges should be appointed based on the content of their character and their ability to carry out those responsibilities. Defending his actions on the Senate floor, Schumer said, “It’s long past time that the judiciary starts looking a lot more like the America it represents. Having a diversity of views and experience on the federal bench is necessary for the equal administration of justice.” This kind of thinking is flawed; it assumes that people are members of arbitrary groups based on their physical appearance. People are individuals with unique interests and preferences. It is wrong to assume everyone in a collective share the same interests, and that those interests can only be represented by someone from that same group.

    Schumer is trying to score political points at the expense of doing what’s right. Valuing someone for their qualifications and not their race is the right thing to do. This thinking is also dominating the administration here at UAlbany. As reported by the ASP, hiring racially diverse faculty is a “pipeline issue” for the university. Instead of focusing on hiring the most qualified candidates, the administration would rather virtue signal and create divisions along racial lines.

   Deciding to vote for or hire someone on the basis of their race is the very definition of racism. If Schumer had said he voted against Quattlebaum because he was unlikely to uphold the Constitution, then that would have been appropriate. Using race for political points is reprehensible when white supremacists do it, and just as when other leftists like Chuck Schumer and the Strategic Planning Committee on campus do it.

   Our top priority shouldn’t be to appoint people who look different; it should be to appoint whoever is best for the job. If you select people based on merit, there will naturally be diversity, because it turns out that certain races are not superior to others. Through hard work, anyone of any race and background can succeed. To vote for someone only because they’re a minority is to vote out of pity. It implies you don’t think they are capable of being selected based on their skill alone. What is the difference between a white supremacist saying they need to advance the goals of whites and our administration and senator saying they need to advance the goals of African Americans?

    The solution is to see people as individuals. That is the only way people can be equal under the law and in practice regardless of things they can’t control like race, gender, and sexual orientation. New York should be a melting pot rather than a place of division and identity politics.


Matthew Noyes is a conservative columnist and assistant opinions editor of the Albany Student Press. He is also president of the University at Albany's Turning Point USA chapter and a writer for Campus Reform. Noyes, a New Hampshire native, is a political science and Japanese double major.

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