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New Year, New Editor-in-Chief

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I am thrilled to introduce myself as the new Editor in Chief of the Albany Student Press. It is a great honor to manage this paper which has been around since 1916! 

Last semester I was a staff writer and also the editor of the Life and Entertainment section at the ASP, but before that I was working on satellite internet connectivity for Air Force One in San Diego, CA. Before that, I was managing communications systems for the military. I was on Active Duty as an Army Officer for about five years, during which time I’ve lived in Alaska, Russia, and Ghana. I’ve led both small and large teams as a company commander, platoon leader, and staff officer – experience I’m excited to put to use for the ASP.

I have a bachelor’s degree in English Composition from John Carroll University, and I am currently working on my second bachelor’s in Journalism.

I spent this past summer as an intern at WAMC Northeast Public Radio here in Albany, where I learned about broadcasting, sound editing, and field reporting. I am excited to take this newfound experience and share it with my staff here at the ASP.

I’ve had many adventures but the one about which I am most excited is happening right now: Editor in Chief of this newspaper. 

We have some great new staff members this year! You may have seen our journalists in class, advertising open interest meetings to students. We are working hard as a team to stir up new interest and recruit talented writers who have a strong work ethic. If that sounds like you – we can’t wait to meet you Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m. in the new Campus Center Commuter Lounge (past Blackstone Launchpad, the big room with the pool tables).

As a senior at UAlbany, I realize that I only have one year in this position, but I have high hopes for my time in service here. I believe in high standards, building relationships with faculty, staff, and press, and teaching students as much about writing a good news story as possible. 

I also believe in a never-ending cycle of feedback and improvement. 

To that effect, if you see a piece in the ASP that you particularly enjoyed or did not enjoy, please reach out and let us know on social media at Facebook.com/AlbanyStudentPress or ALBstudentpress on twitter or instagram.  You can also comment directly on our stories by visiting our website: AlbanyStudentPress.net. 

Please feel free to e-mail me directly at [email protected] for any comments, concerns, or great ideas you may have.

Transparency is important to us. Here at the ASP we need your feedback so that we can continue to grow as journalists.

From now on, part of our paper will be dedicated to posting feedback from you, the reader, in a new section called “Weekly Feedback.” So please tell us how we are doing.

New year, new staff, new energy! 

We are excited for what the next year of the ASP holds, and we hope you are too. 

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