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New ‘1844 Restaurant’ opened in former Patroon Room

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The former Patroon Room is now offering meal plan discounts after undergoing renovations this past summer which transformed the space into a buffet-style restaurant.

The new eatery, 1844 Restaurant, gets its name from the year the University at Albany was founded, according to Michael Christakis, Vice President of Student Affairs. The school was originally provided two-year training teachers to help meet the demand for a growing population.

“Given the rehabbed space, additional forthcoming food features (made to order) and that the university is celebrating 175 years this December – rebranding it with a greater emphasis on the university’s history seemed timely,” said Christakis of the decision to revamp the former Patroon Room.

The Patroon Room allowed students to dine and accepted Munch Money, however, no meal plan discounts were offered.

“It has not been exclusively faculty and staff during my time on campus,” said Stephen Pearse, executive director of the University Auxiliary Services. “Although the clientele in the past has been faculty and staff, more students have been using and enjoying the space in the past couple of years.”

The new restaurant is buffet styled. Students and faculty can choose various items at the hot buffet, as well as a soup and salad bar.

The concept of the buffet themed restaurant fits all styles of food for different ethnicities across campus.

Prices are comparable to other restaurants and gives students with a meal plan a 50 percent discount when they dine.

“There are two prices for our meals at the restaurant,” said Anthony Bonilla, the supervisor for the 1844 Restaurant. “The full buffet costs $13.50 with tax included and the soup and salad bar costs $9.18 with tax included. Both buffet costs include a beverage of your choice.”

The 1844 Restaurant is similar in price to its competitors on campus such as Damien’s, where prices range from $4 to $11, and Fountain Grill, which has a menu ranging from $3 to $8.

Student can dine at 1844 Restaurant from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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