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The countdown to Halloween has officially begun, and this allows for the perfect excuse to lay around the dorm in pajamas and binge watch your favorite scary movies. Here are some spooky must-watch films to add to your Netflix queue!

Children of the Corn  (1984)

This 80s cult horror favorite tells the story of a couple that stumbles upon a small rural town that’s run entirely by children. As if a society run by kids isn’t scary enough, the children hold strange religious ceremonies in cornfields that may or may not contain human sacrifices. It might be best to skip the popcorn for this one, just in case.

Hush (2016)

If you’re looking for a more realistic and modern horror film then Hush is your best option. A deaf author is terrorized by a masked intruder in her secluded cottage home in the woods. However, the intruder is in for quite a surprise when the young author pushes him to the breaking point and tests his limits. This home invasion horror film will leave you biting your nails until the credits start rolling.

Scream 2 (1997)

Another classic horror cult film, Scream 2 is the second installment of the beloved horror series. Merely two years after the first set of murders that plagued Sidney Prescott and her peers, a new psychopathic killer copies the motives and tactics that were depicted in the first film. Sidney also continues her trend of wanting to unmask the killer rather than run for life. Typical right? The Ghostface costume lives on with a new string of murders in this eerie staple movie.

Corpse Bride (2005)

While horror movies aren’t for everyone, you can still get into the Halloween spirit with this spooky and festive film. The stop-motion animated film, directed by Tim Burton, follows the story of a young man who accidently agrees to marry a dead bride the night before his wedding. Awkward. This festive film combines the creepy and traditional Halloween vibes that everyone longs for during the month of October with a soundtrack to, die for. Who knew Halloween musicals could be pretty catchy?

Grab your blanket and heat up the popcorn as you binge-watch your way through the horror film collections this Halloween season!

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